ICT Minister: NUP has ruined Uganda’s foreign image

The Minister for information and national guidance has accused the National Unity Platform party supporters and their leader Kyagulanyi Ssentamu Robert aka Bobi Wine to be the mastermind of Uganda’s shrinking foreign image.

According to Nabakooba, NUP supporters have done more harm than good to the country’s tourism sector by reportedly misusing social media to depict the Uganda as a bad place to live in. While addressing the press this Sunday, Nabakooba said NUP members spend most of their time on social media trading what she termed as ‘lies’ that aim at maliciously bringing down the country.

“They spend most of their time posting fake news about the country. They post photos of dead bodies, violence and so forth and this scares away our tourists,” she says.

She adds that NUP leaders also spend most of their time discussing nonsense yet the country has to move on and harmonize the economy. “I see most of them deceiving Ugandans with very fake propaganda. They have spent a lot of time discussing US warships as if this brings food on the table of the people who voted for them,” she adds. “It’s time for the youths to move on and start working for themselves instead of feeding on lies from politicians,” she adds.

Minister Nabakooba was in the 2021 polls trounced by media personality and NUP party candidate Joyce Bagala who silenced her with a landslide victory. Nabakooba has since embarked on directly attacking NUP and its leaders whom she believes were behind her failure to secure a second term as Mityana woman MP.

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