Interview: Never lend money to a person who is a class above you, it will be hard for you to collect it back- Singer Henry Hagos

It is indeed true that most of us all run broke no matter the class rather work position you are in, You could be in the top most position but hey, you might need some cash from your junior one day and it all takes back to how you treat others wherever you go.

If you are not in the best relations with those below your position then it automatically becomes hard for you to get help from them. In an interview with Netherlands based gospel star Henry Hagos, we bring you an exclusive where he speaks about his life, music and work among others.

Tell us about Henry Hagos?

My real name is Henry Lwanga, born and bred in Mukono District Uganda to the Late Stephen Mubiru and the living Annet Mubiru, I’m a gospel artiste based in Netherlands.

At what point in life did you go to the Netherlands and what did you go there to do?

That was in 2019. I travelled here to work and enhance my life. I believe everyone gets to a point when they need to boost their finances.

How has life been in the Netherlands?

Life is pretty good, I thank God. Thanks to the experiences here I’m now doing music..

How would you compare life in the Netherlands to life in Uganda?

It’s interesting that things move really fast here in the Netherlands. When you go to the bank or any office, services are quick and fast. This is something you’d never expect back home. This has changed my mentality and perspective about life.

Tell us about your music journey?

I’ve always loved music since I was a child. In 2011, I started to sing in church but things weren’t easy. I had to pause for a bit to continue my education, organise and, identify what works best for me. In February 2022, I resumed when I am here in the Netherlands.

Who inspired you to do music?

I always looked up to the Maverick City Music. It is an American gospel group composed of various artists.

What challenges have you faced in this field?

Living in a country where gospel music is not so recognized.

Among your projects, which one stands out and why?

‘Bless Me’ stands out, because it was recorded and released during the perfect time and season. Also, the lyrics to the song were so personal to me.

Why gospel music for starters?

I’m a soul winner. I believe in this generation it’s easier to win souls back to the kingdom through music.

It is highly believed gospel music is not a profit making genre. Do you also have the same thoughts?

Yes it is true. However, my purpose is to win souls. I might not earn money through music but earn a lot through other works of my hand, and that’s why I’m highly blessed and favored. Interestingly, even secular music has its own challenges.

Can someone make a living out of singing alone?

I don’t think so. Naturally, one needs a number of revenue streams.

What is the first thing you do in the morning?

I Pray

What is the first thing you do when you get to work?

I pray

Earliest childhood memory?

I remember being punished for having a meal in at my neighbor’s home. This was such a no-go area back then. I received a good beating and never did it again.

First best friend?

Alex Lutaaya

First kiss. Tell us the experience? 

It was nice but I was a little scared. I got so many things wrong.

First book you read?

Rich dad, Poor dad

First job?

I worked as a boardroom attendant at Nkuluze Royal Trust(Buganda kingdom).  I was the one welcoming all guests of the Kabaka. All Kabaka’s servants who work in the palaces are under Nkuluze Royal Trust.

First salary and where?

My first salary was Shs800k. This was at  Nkuluze Royal Trust.

What did you use the money for?

I was so excited to receive my first salary because I had many outstanding bills. I cleared all in a go, and also took care of my child.

Current job?

I run my own company called STANET Reborn company.  It is a cleaning company based in Netherlands.

What do you like about your job?

I’m self employed. The best part about it is that I benefit directly from all my combined efforts. Also, I’m my own boss. I decide the time and days to work

Most memorable experience?

The day I gave my life to Christ. My life has never been the same again.

Biggest regret in life?

Decisions I made along the way based on selfish motives.

Best advice and from whom?

Never lend money to a person who is a class above you, it will be hard for you to collect it back. I got this advice from Mr. John Baptist Kitenda C.E.O Nkuluze Royal Trust.


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