Introducing ‘The Famous Grouse’ Whiskey, Scotland’s Favorite Whiskey

It’s now here, Ugandans finally have a perfect whiskey, all thanks to Double Barrel Uganda.

The FAMOUS(TFG) Scotland’s favorite whiskey for over 40 years, is now in the Pearl of Africa available for consumers themselves to discover what makes it the finest blend, one that is so perfectly balanced.

Found in 1800 with the simple vision to create the best quality blended whisky, The Famous Grouse is now known across the globe for just that.

The blend represents great value for money and it also works beautifully in whisky-based cocktails. It is no brainer that Famous Grouse is the perfect range of alcohol for all occasions and the good news is, you can finally find it in super markets near you. From Game,Shoprite Carrefour,to Senana among others.

The Famous Gouse is found in super markets allover Uganda.

According to Double Barrel Uganda, the whiskey’s launch in Uganda is what every consumer has been praying for.

“Our launch offer is ‘Twice as Famous.’ A one time offer of 200ml free with every 1L bottle purchased because that’s what friends are for. All in all, you will find out that we are famous for a reason.”

This internationally acclaimed whiskey is brought to you by Double Barrel Uganda,the official distributor.

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