It shoud have been you quiting the country not Africell-bitter customers attack Lycamobile over Poor Services

Communications sector newcomer, Lycamobile is facing social media troll as subscribers are complaining for days about the telecom’s not only poor services but erratic network.

Many customers say they are experiencing lengthy downtimes in which they cannot browse the internet due to extremely slow internet speeds.

Other users have condemned the telecom’s terrible internet connection for many days,weeks and months, showing their disappointment at the network’s very slow internet speed and poor service including the help line and customer care,saying Africell should have stayed and Lycamobile chased out of the country.

  1. “A one Ruva, resident of Bweyogere told Kampala Sqoop that Lycamobile is not a a telecommunication company but rather something else, they better start something else say selling chicken,eggs or something similar to that and not deceiving Ugandans that they offer telecommunication services,” Ruva said.

He narrated to this website how he rushed to acquire himself a Lycamobile line, only to buy trash.

It was a Monday,I remember, rushing to the so-called Lycamobile outlet, having been referred by a friend who is one of the top entertainment gurus in town.
Since most of us believe in this guy and always consult him on many things,I asked him a handful of entertainment stuff and as we were about to end the conversation,I remembered to he had told me something about one of the best internet providers he had once hinted on,he told me he was sorry if I had not yet acquired one for my self.

To cut the story short,I saw one of the MM agents in Ntinda-Kiwatule and he told me the line costs shs12,000 but we’re out of stock,he then told me to leave my number behind and would call me once he gets the lines,we exchanged numbers.

I started calling this guy for a full week and he kept telling me the lines were not yet available.

Later on a weekend,he called asking me to rush and get myself a line since they were finally available,but I was surprised to find them done by the time I reached transport wasted and the day just went like that.

The next day,I got a call from my other guy who referred me to purchase Lycamobile or whatever they call themselves,I hesitated to decline to his answer but since he had sent me some ‘ka gig,’ I decided to tell him the truth and he advised me to go to their head office in Nakesero which I welcomed.

I found many people lining for the simcards as if they were given for free yet they we had to part with Shs10,000 and I had no option but to spend about 3 hours not until I got a line.

After leaving for Bweyogere,I was told the line will work after few hours,but wait,it took forever.

I decided to send them an email to complain about the took these goons one full day to get back to me and their instructions,I was able to erectify the problem and the internet was very slow but upon inquiries form different friends,I was told it would stablize after some time.

They further advised me to purchase a Data bundle since I had not yet bought it but was first of all using the 5GB which comes with the simcard.

I then bought a Shs10,000 data package but the problem persisted,I gave it time and since all my other friends buy 25 GB with OTT,I too decided to part with Shs50,000 for that specific package,but hey look,I wish I had spent it on a bathing sponge than throwing it to the river rather these so-called ‘Lycathieves.

He added that it’s one of the slowest network he has ever seen in life,with not only poor internet services,but “anything about them is a night mare.”

Lycamobile has since declined to acknowledge the slow internet services but subscribers have demanded that the firm rolls over the data they were unable to use due to the bad internet services.

Apart from having ‘a Chameleone’ data speed,they don’t respond to their help line calls,one of our Reporters tried calling the help line but was bounced many times.

“I called in to the help line since I wanted to report the slow network speed and present to them some other complains including failed OTT purchase from MTN,but all I got was that I should recharge my account and try again, which telecommunication company does that,this guys are real scammers,”he said.

Although the cause of the slow services remains uncertain, the outage came as police resumed enforcing coronavirus containment rules, meaning, thousands of people are actually working from home and this is the time they need internet than ever before.

The slow services were spotted by users for the past few days—with many going to network status monitoring website Down Detector, as well as social media, to report issues.

It somehow staggered back to almost normal,but it’s now back it again, according to the users of Lycamobile,it is slower than before.

“This problem is headed to the worsed state,and one thing is that these fellows don’t want to come out and advise their clients on what is exactly happening.

How can I upload a file on email for 6 hours and you still talk about having a fast and affordable internet,fine your data services were affordable the very first time you started,but they are now useless,one better buys any package from other internet service providers however much expensive it is than settling for scammers,” another bitter client told Kampala Sqoop.

We hope Lycamobile will soon issue any form of statement,but according to it’s users,they are very bad at communication,”they don’t seem to even think about it,all they keep doing is convincing new customers to buy their lines and once you buy, that’s the end, communication between a customer and then,ends at their premises entry.”

Lycamobile,a United Kingdom-based telecommunications company, started work in Uganda in February 2020 and promised it’s customers heaven on Earth when it comes to service delivery in most especially mobile data among others.

But to the customers’ surprise, it’s one of the fakest ever telecommunication players in the Country,it delivers nothing but air, say of the customers with diverse experience about mobile data said it’s better off being a children’s play toy but not providing any form of service to Ugandans.

Lycamobile operates on the 072 code, signed a contract with Tangerine which is already in most towns in Mukono, Kampala and Wakiso among others offering internet rates to companies and individuals.

Lycamobile,a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO), has been a player in the telecommunications sectors for more than ten years,but has completely failed in Uganda.

An MVNO is a wireless communications services provider that does not own the wireless network infrastructure over which it provides services to its customers.

Kampala Sqoop has learnt that some of the Lycamobile customers are planning to match to UCC, notifying the commission of Lycamobile’s irregularities and very bad services.
This is a developing story,we shall keep you updated.

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