Iteso-Karamojong to Unite at Ateker Carnival 2022 Edition

Iteso, one of the largest and united peace loving tribes in Eastern Uganda are set to embark on uniting with their Nilo Hamite counterparts Ikaramojong who are literally referred as ‘Luu Amamai'( Uncles).
The two tribes, considered brothers, had some misunderstanding during the insurgency where the Karamojong raided Iteso and took all their belongings including cattle and goats among others.
The insurgency led to killings by the Karamojong who forcefully took Iteso’s belongings and hence killed those who resisted.
Dubbed ‘Ateker Carnival,’ Iteso and Ikaramojong will be gathering in Kampala to celebrate their culture and socialize at the event happening this Sunday 14th of August 2022 at Mawanda Gardens in Kireka, a Kampala surburb.
Atemelai nuu ebeit ajaut opestibal, arai ikaru ijoo adumun aberu,ilamitai bodo ijo.
Ateker Carnival  2022 Edition which according to Olupot Isaac, the brains behind the carnival, will present an Iteso and Ikaramojong folks an opportunity for them to rock and rekindle their lost relationship.
“We present you an opportunity to represent your district in whatever cultural way you can as we rekindle our relationship and network together at the event.”
There will be lots of cultural entertainment, activities, competitions and Teso and Karamoja delicacies including; Emangor lo esudud, Ecadoi lo itumuritai keda aitelekaar aberuka nuu emameete ikela lu oingaren araibonat Ekilokit lo agir Akuwe angaleun for the singles.
Ateker Carnival will be running under the theme We are one (Irai Oni Ipei).
To register WhatsApp or call 0775524437.

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