Johnnie Walker Highball: The real Perfect happiness at home


Wherever you and your buddies or neighbors are,you must be feeling bored especially now that it’s not yet clear whether or not bars will be operationalized soon.

Who says Whisky is only for the high end parties?

But hey!look,why worry that much about your favorite bars, hangout places yet you can actually do it right at your convenience (home).

It doesn’t matter who you do it with, but the good news is,it’s actually possible at home.

And ohhhh!how about those cocktails you normally have in bars,during house warming parties,may be a night out with your date or friends? guess you miss them as well,but wait!here is the thing,you can have a tasty Highball at home.

Ever wondered that you can make a perfect cocktail at home and tastes exactly like the one mixiologists do,may be even better.well,it’s no news anymore that you can have a johhnie walker Highball at home.

Gone are days when people used to think Whisky was meant for only those luxurious parties and taken in high class hangouts in town,well,now you know that you can make a Highball at home and party hard with friends and family.

Now that the exciting Kampala night life’s been reduced to low key house parties, TV dance battles and everyone struggling to make a better cocktail, the Johnnie Walker Highball is the easiest and coolest cocktail to try out in its simplest form.

Forget about concoctions that you don’t understand, with the Highball all you need is just Johnnie Walker (either Red Label or Black Label) with mixers of your choice including Sprite,Stoney or fresh lemon and Ginger juice, plus garnish in a tall glass over ice to set the mood of the party.

The Johnnie Walker Highball is a popular whisky drink that has been a bar favorite in many of Kampala’s hangouts that first gained its status last year when Uganda Breweries took to an extensive Johnnie Walker Highball tour all around the country that had thousands of Ugandans being taught how to make the bold classic serve.

Not everyone is a fan of hard, neat Scotch whisky, and that’s where the Highball comes in – to add sweetness and character to your drink.

As party animals continue to warm up for the day government gives the directive to open bars once again, you can still make the most of your parties or evenings at home by mixing cocktails like Johnnie Ginger, Johnnie Lemon, JW Gold & Apple and others.

Here is all you need to get started;

For Johnnie Ginger, stir 50ml of Johnnie Walker Black Label with 150ml of ginger ale (Stoney Tangawizi) over ice. Garnish with a slice of orange or ginger (or both) and enjoy!

You can make a tasty Johnnie Walker Highball at home and enjoy with family and friends.

For Johnnie and Lemon, pour 50ml of Johnnie Walker Black Label into a glass filled with ice. Top up with lemonade, stir and add a lemon twist.

Just like that? One would ask,but yes!it’s as simple as that.

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