Just in: Ministers decline to present strategy to tackle fuel crisis

Two Ministers of Finance and Energy failed to show up to a scheduled committee meeting that sought answers on the government’s strategy to curb the escalating fuel prices.

The committee on Government Assurance and Implementation led by Vice-chairperson, Hon. Joseph Ssewungu had called the ministers but none of them showed up for the meeting held on Wednesday, 20 July 2022.

The committee called the meeting to find out steps being taken to end the fuel crisis and also to establish the support given to the Uganda National Oil Company to support the National oil reserves.

However, only technical officers from the Ministry of Energy appeared for the meeting while no officer from Finance appeared forcing the committee chairperson to adjourn the meeting.

According to Ssewungu, the ministers always give excuses that they have been summoned to State House.

He said that the ministers should appear before the committee on Tuesday, 26 July 2022 with statistics of fuel increase from March up to the day they appear.
“We want both of them as Ministries of Energy and Finance to meet together and explain who is failing when it comes to the oil reserves. UNOC has written several letters to the Ministry of Finance to support the fuel reserves but they have not responded,” he said.

Ssewungu said the skyrocketing fuel prices are alarming.

“Last week, we left this place when fuel is at Shs6,300; today it is Shs6,900. Fuel is rising according to the month of the year and yet one official said fuel was stable and had not gotten out of hand,” he said.

Meanwhile, MPs have warned that if Government does not take the price increase seriously, Uganda is in danger.
“We are heading for a very serious economic recession. Fuel is the engine of economic development of any nation; if the ministers are not serious, we are in danger.” Hon. Tom Alero Aza, the Moyo West MP said.

Bugweri District Woman MP, Hon. Racheal Magoola said Uganda is moving towards a crisis and government needs to act fast.

“MPs are hiding; you cannot explain anything to your people, prices are high,” she said.

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