Kachumbala health centre III renovation halted over shoddy works

By George Emuron

Authorities in Kachumbala County in Bukedea district have put on hold the renovation of the Kachumbala health center III general ward calling for serious innovations of district engineers, district Planner together with the Chief Administrative Officer to explain the procurement process of the works.

The project was put on hold after the area councilors, district councilor together with chairperson LCIII Kachumbala visited the site and found that the constructors are adding heavy buildings on top of the big cracks.

Moses Elungat, the area councilor said they sat on the council meeting whereby the council agreed to renovate the general ward since the situation of the ward was not good whereby the minute was passed and presented to the district procurement process but on his surprise they have come to see that the contractor is just gaming the building in the same way.

He said the general ward has only lasted for the period of four years since it was handed over to the health facility but they have not even used it since the same constructor handed the building with a lot of cracks.

“This is unfair, we cannot keep on adding money on the same house yet people are benefiting from it, we need the district team to come and cross check on this kind of works”, said Elungat.

George William Atum the district councilor Kachumbala said the general ward had spent over 100 million but there is no clear accountability of the money spent on the ward by the community.

He said when he asked the site foreman to avail him with the BOQs which they failed to produce and they claimed that the renovation of the ward is on the old contract the contractor is not going to be paid any money.

“We are not convinced with this work, we cannot let people die here, if its renovation means this is the new construction, remove all the cracked points not just to add a building on top of the cracked points”, said Atum.

Atum also added that the ward spent about 40 million but up to now it’s taken four years without being put on use and when they asked the site foreman to clear them of the new construct, they were told that the ward is to be roofed yet sub county leaders are not aware.

James Khaukha the chairperson LCIII kachumbala county when reached said his office resolved the ward to be renovated right from the window level which they have not handled.

“We have put on hold no more work to move until the district team comes in. We cannot let such kind of work happen like that”, said Khaukha.

Stephen Onyei, the site foreman during an interview said they were told to renovate the roofing and install wire on the points of cracks not to start from the window level like what the councilors are expecting.

He said since they have stopped them from work, there is nothing that they can do till the whole team sits and agrees.

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