Kansiime quits Bushenyi Race after Consulting NRM senior Leaders

The Independent candidate for Bushenyi Woman MP Eunice Kansiime Tworekirwe has withdrawn from the political race following talks with National Resistance Movement ‘NRM’ top party leadership.

A few weeks ago there was some letter which leaked, purportedly authored by some of her family members demanding her to mute all her current Political ambitions.


I greet you all my wonderful People of Bushenyi.

I am so deeply grateful to you for the good will and love you have so far shown me as  I sought your support for Woman Member of Parliament of Bushenyi District.

To all my Friends, supporters, well-wishers and my campaign foot-soldiers and well-wishers, I’m heartily grateful to you for your support both material and spiritual.

Thank you very much for believing in me. The privilege of your support means alot to me and I don’t take it for granted.

Following my nomination to run as an Independent candidate, l was approached by concerned senior leadership of the NRM party both at NRM Secretariat and District who requested that l consider withdrawing my candidature since I’m equally an NRM supporter who firmly believes in its ideology of socio-economic transformation, patriotism, democracy and Pan-Africanism.

In the wisdom and guidance of the said NRM senior leaders, they reasoned that my continued candidature would fuel intrigue and cause disharmony amongst NRM supporters in Bushenyi and divide them between myself and the flag bearer which would prejudice NRM and give room and leverage to the opposition to exploit.

After my discussions with the said NRM senior Leadership, I consulted widely and mostly among senior citizens and opinion leaders who almost unanimously urged me to consider the position of the senior party leadership.

Permit me to notify you that after deep reflection upon the words of the senior NRM leaders and various opinion leaders, I have decided to bow out of the Bushenyi District Woman M.P race.

It’s a very difficult decision for me but in order not to fuel intrigue and disunity in our party, and for the greater good of our Party, it was necessary that I bow out since I’m not a flag-bearer.

I am not bigger than the Party. As a country, we are now under the multiparty dispensation and there is therefore little political space for independent candidates.

Kindly disregard any other uncoordinated information. As a prospective leader, l respect and strongly uphold the Family institution values. Family is the smallest but most important unit of society and any one that hides behind the shield of my candidature to undermine the family unit should be denied audience. I strongly condemn it.

I remain a committed Cadre of the NRM Party and will henceforth channel my efforts into mobilising and campaigning tirelessly for our Party Chairperson President Yoweri Museveni and for the NRM Party Flag-bearers.

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