Kenzo Warns Uganda Might Join Libya If Tribalistic Politics Continue

Edrisah Musuuza alias Eddy Kenzo has warned that Uganda might be headed into the current state of Libya if tribalistic politics continue to ravage the country.

The Big Talent Entertainment boss who is currently under a 14-days quarantine following his return from Cote d’Ivoire disclosed his worries and fears ahead of the looming 2021 general elections.

In his Facebook, the Semyekoze hit maker stressed that whenever elections draw closer, tribalistic talk arises at a high rate and ends up being the major tool used by the politicians and in turn leaving the local people troubled and suffering.

“This world is very difficult. Every time the elections come, politicians start promoting tribalism. It works for them and they get the votes but they leave us in trouble and tears,” he posted.

He added that “We break-up with our loved ones with whom at times we have had children with, business partners, and many more.”

“These days I am hurting and I always experince sleepless nights due to the ever growing tribalistic talk. Imagine in 2020 the youths’ thoughts are filled with selfish interests thoughts.”

“Hohooooo Libya, I think Uganda is joining soon”

The Big Talent singer feels hurt with the way life is petering out, the change in environment and how the youths’ thoughts are only filled with selfish gains and interests.

Ensi eno nzibu nyo banange buli okalulu wekatuka politicians start promoting Tribalism kibakolera nyo era bafuna okalulu…

Posted by Eddy Kenzo on Tuesday, August 4, 2020

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