Key Security Features on Bobi’s Armored Vehicle That Left Uganda Security Gurus ‘Bed-riden’!

For years, top government officials, VIPs, VVIPs and private security companies have been leading clients of armoured vehicles as a choice for moving across hostile environments and conflict areas. Ghetto gladiator and president of the youngest political party on Ugandan scene, NUP,  Ssentamu Kyagukanyi aka Boni wine enters the guiness book records as the first ever opposition figure not only to buy a monster armoured vehicle,but to have been able to beat security at its game and manage to enter it in the country unnoticed.

The armoured vehicle is a tested and certified luxury and rugged off-road, sophisticated up-armoured luxury sport utility vehicle (SUV).

Armoured is made of world-class quality and certified ballistic steel and layered with high protection certified armoured glass, providing protection against ammunition with suspension and brake system reinforced with heavy-duty kits and comes with a wide range of upgrades and accessories as per client requirement.

Armoured cars are typically manufactured with bulletproof glass and layers of armour plating, often with a variety of other defensive mechanisms and features to aid the individuals inside.

To provide the highest level of protection, armoured has a full assortment of advanced defensive technologies. It is built with the highest quality materials, including the latest composite light-weight armour solutions.

Armoured production involves three main stages such as preparatory, armouring and finalization.

Preparatory Stage

Armoured vehicles are designed with all materials required for armouring using 3D software. After that the design project is submitted for precision laser and cutting.  All components are tested by independent laboratories as well as by the company’s trained staff at the shooting range.

Armoring Stage

The vehicles are equipped with unique overlap systems installed in all vehicle openings and gaps between the doors and the vehicle’s frame. The suspension and braking systems are also modified and reinforced to handle the added weight of the armour. Then the next step is the protection of the battery, fuse box and ECM. Finally, the vehicle is outfitted with high-performance run-flat tires.

Finalization Stage

Once the vehicle is fully armoured, it is upholstered with plastic, wood or leather in accordance with the requirements of the customer. Once the vehicle is fully re-assembled, it undergoes a strict quality control process. All vehicles are inspected by a trained team responsible for ensuring that the vehicle meets all armouring standards as well as performance and craftsmanship levels.

Here Are Key Security Features On Bobis’ Armored Vehicle That Left Security Gurus In Uganda ‘Bed-riden’!

When it comes to components and technology used in armoured vehicles, the focus is always on utilizing the most efficient and advanced parts in order to bolster the vehicle’s ballistic protection levels, increase passenger comfort and ensure long-term reliability.

Armoured cars incorporate revolutionary lightweight armour that can amount to 500kg less than other armoured vehicles in the market. In addition to this, state-of-the-art finish and standard protection coverage allow these vehicles to seek new heights in the automobile industry.

Armoured Tires

Ordinary vehicle tires can be rendered inoperable with something as small as a household nail, those of armoured vehicles include run-flat devices which are speciality units mounted on the vehicle’s rim. These devices sit within the tire and allow a vehicle to travel up to 60 miles at speeds of 60 mph with completely punctured tires.  Now that’s Bobi’s car! If you remember, during presidential campaigns, security operatives who would trail him always made sure that the first part of the car to shoot was the tires,so they could disable his movements and delay him from reaching his next rally in time. This bad boy from Kamwokya ghettos told the manufacturer to consider his future encounters with security in that regard.

Ballistic Armor

An element found within every armoured vehicle is essentially what makes it ‘armoured’. These are the thick ballistic metal plates installed directly to the sub-frame of the vehicle. Depending on the thickness and density of the armouring used, these alloys can withstand anything from .22 or 9mm rounds all the way up to armour-piercing heavy-calibre projectiles. Ballistic plating is also installed within the vehicle’s floor in order to protect against detonations below the vehicle.

Bullet Resistant Mirror

The vehicle’s transparent armour’ lies within its ballistic (or bulletproof) glass. While it isn’t physically possible to manufacture glass that protects from any type of attack, the glass used within these vehicles is specifically-manufactured to absorb the level of attack prescribed within the vehicle’s specification.

Using varying thicknesses and compositions, the glass is “dialled in” to the exact level of armour needed. They also carry ballistic glass capable of withstanding attacks from assault rifles, sniper rifles, and even RPGs.

Grill Bumpers/Guards

In order to mitigate against attacks where one vehicle is used to ram into another, it is installed reinforced bumpers and grills to help armoured vehicles escape these situations unharmed. Creating additional reinforcement to the armoured vehicle’s edges as well as protecting key components, the armoured vehicle can also remove debris and clear its path for a swifter escape with minimal hindrance to its speed or mobility.

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