KISU outlines SOPs as school reopening gears

Kampala International School Uganda has issues Standard Operating Procedures that will be followed once government decided to lift the lockdown on education institutions.

These have been issued in line with the Ministry of Education’s ‘Guidelines for reopening Education Institutions and Implementation of the covid-19 Standard Operating procedures’

According to a statement issued by Mr Terry Garbett, the School director and head of secondary, the anticipated opening of education institutions is great news to management, teachers, students and parents.

“We would like to welcome you back to KISU. The new normal is something we all have to get used to and we request that we work as a team to make sure we keep our KISU family healthy. We expect to open school on 21st September 2020,” he says.

To this effect, Garbett explains that there are certain SOPs that KISU has put in place and calls upon everyone to abide by them.

“At the main gate, all vehicles entering KISU will be stopped and all occupants’ temperatures will be taken before administering sanitizers. If anyone’s temperature is higher than 37.6 degrees Celsius (as per the Ministry of Health’s guidelines) we request that none of the passengers in the vehicle gets out, merely drive on and out exit the KISU campus. Seek medical clearance before returning to school,” he says.

While entering the school premises, KISU has also put in place a sanitising booth where all students accessing school area will have to walk through.

Students and people accessing KISU are advised to adhere to the social distancing guidelines of two meters and use the foot operated hand washing station or automatic sanitizer dispenser.

Tea and coffee mornings have been suspended to observe social distancing. Classes will also be ending at normal times and children should be collected immediately to avoid socialising at the reception.

“Unfortunately, uniforms cannot be tried on but measured against the student. No returns can be accepted, so please measure properly and sanitise before entering the uniform shop. We will issue time slots for each year group to purchase uniform to maintain social distancing. Students are also advised not to share pens or stationary as any virus can spread rapidly if many people use the same pen,” Garbett says.

He adds that all classrooms have been set up so that social distancing of two meters is adhered to.

“Staffing will be increased to cater for the extra rooms we will have to use. Where possible, students will be taught in one classroom and teachers move to them. They may move to specialist rooms but will follow a one way system so that students can maintain social distancing.”

Activities during the break and lunch times will be limited and students will be closely monitored to ensure social distancing.

“We will introduce planned physical activities for students during the day such as the daily mile to ensure their physical and emotional wellbeing. Any equipment that is used will be sanitised before and after use.”

Garbett also says that the classrooms will be cleaned before a new group of students enters and the school will provide two masks per child when students return to school.

“Each section of the school will have different procedures dependent on the age of the students and we will be in contact with parents with specific details.”

President Yoweri Museveni is expected to address the nation about the progress of Covid-19 fight this Saturday 19th September, 2020. Among the key issues the President is expected to talk about is the reopening of schools.

Last week, the Ministry of Education issued strategies to ensure effective implementation of specific standard operating procedures (SOPs) for the phased reopening of the educational institutions.

The Academic Year was prematurely cut short on March 18, 2020, as a precautionary measure to control the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). As a result, over 15 million learners who are enrolled in schools at different education levels have been at home since the lockdown.

Last month during the National prayers for covid-19, Museveni said they would decide the fate of schools, places of worship and others sectors that are still under suspension over covid-19 lockdown this month.

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