Landlady gives 40-year-old single tenant 30-days ultimatum to marry or face eviction

Landlady, Jaaja Topher has ordered her tenant Moses Kikomeko, a boda boda rider in Mukono town to marry or else he will face eviction from her rentals.

Kikomeko, a 40-year-old has been staying at Jaaja Topher’s rentals for the past six years but the landlady said she has never seen any woman visiting Kikomeko.

The boda boda rider first jokingly responded that even at 80 years he can get a woman and marry but Jaaja Topher insisted that he must immediately get a woman.

Jaaja Topher pledged to buy Kikomeko herbal medicines if he’s impotent. She then gave him an ultimatum of 30 days to marry or else he will throw him out of her rentals.

Young girls who were witnessing the standoff proposed to give Kikomeko their mobile phone numbers to help him make a choice.

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