Lawyer Godfrey Nsamba in another Sports fraternity fight

Last year four candidates were hoping to take the top seat at the Federation of Motorsports Clubs of Uganda (FMU) for the next four years.

Geoffrey Nsamba, Dusman Okee, Jack Wavamuno, and Dipu Ruparelia were all in the contention for the 1st February elections 2020

Dipu Ruparelia won as the New FMU President but unfortunately Godfrey Nsamba didn’t make it. Nsamba is a failed struggling lawyer and a former rally driver in 2017 despite not racking up big on the track. He used to ship in Duncan Mubiru Rally cars.

He has been in sports Administrations working under the legal committee of local Football governing body (FUFA) and during this position he used to exchange with Lawrence mulindwa the Former FUFA president.

The reasons why sponsorships are nolonger coming in for Uganda’s local Games is because of controversial lawyers like Nsamba that made Supersport, AZAM, Bell Lager pull out for the Super League. As well, star times wants to cancel the sponsorship.

Nsamba led the resignation of Lawrence Mulindwa challenging his presidency saying Mulindwa and FUFA CEO Edgar Watson and returning officer Patrick Okanya were illegally running football activities.

Kavuma Kabenge on behalf of Express sued FUFA saying the Law for National Council Act doesn’t legally constitute FUFA.

FUFA and Express FC met and came up with an out of Court consent which was supposed to be signed in court after several meetings which Nsamba delibaretely refused to attend.

Godfrey Nsamba only appeared on the following court seating where the consent was supposed to be signed and refused to sign the same on behalf of his FUFA Bosses sparking off the dramatic events that unfolded in High Court.

This same Lawyer Nsamba gave reasons for NOT signing the consent which was that it would mean that was the end of Lawrence Mulindwa and FUFA. – Secondly the scheduled 28th November 2009 elections would NOT be held and he couldn’t party to such a consent.

He also said his clients were put to a corner by Mwema and Kabenge. Nsamba threatened to fight the consent weather in or out of FUFA.

Meanwhile its understood that Mulindwa was concurrently considering a power sharing deal as he tried to strike compromise with his opponents who had overwhelmed the federation with court case.

They had given Mulindwa 2 options: either he takes presidency and gives them all the Vice positions or the other way round.
This same saga has Happened to Moses Magogo Presidency currently that has recently just won the position MP of Budiope East in the just concluded Elections 2021.

Lawyers have always been spotted in Various Sports rangles and left Federations torn apart some beyond repair to an extent that they are still battling in court after many years to find their independence but all in vain.

To remind you the same Lawyer Nsamba in 2009 stood in the way of settling a dispute between FUFA and Express when he refused to sign a consent agreed upon with the two parties. The Same person was spotted in this year’s Annual General meeting of FMU clashing with the new President Dipu Davesh Ruparelia.

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