LIVE: AZAWI Chokes Kampala with good Vibes at Maiden Concert

Azawi showed up on stage at exactly 10:00pm,choking the revelers with her hit song ‘My Year,’ followed by Crazy Lover before singing Swangz Avenue’s boss Benon songs and later on the crowds were mesmerized with Vanpino’s performance.

Thousands who turned up for Azawi Live in Kampala Concert.

Remember the Jamaica hiatus? If yes then you know we know it.

It was now a time to invite the veteran in the music industry,you all remember his role in Radio and Weasel,right?
In other words,the super talented Weasel had to show up because it was his turn to entertain the crowds.

He did exactly what he does best,it was an awesome performance.

Ladies and Gentlemen,the time the revelers waited for at the Guinness Uganda sponsored concert came,it was the most enjoyed moment when the ‘Fire Baby’ hit the stage with her extreme ordinary performance.

She not only satisfied  revelers musically but romantically,Men know it best.

It was lit!No wonder she pulled her best performance off all time.

By 11:51pm,a one Justus said,we have already finished our money, we have been faked all those years,now this is the true definition of African Music.

More details coming soon!

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