Man who sold his motorbike to bet finally recovers his money through betting

A man from Bukedea who has been making headlines for selling his motorbike to gamble has finally recovered his money throw betting.

Isaac Olokojo, a resident of Aligoi, Kachumbala, Bukedea district was picked up by the Uganda Bettors Association who gave him a relief of Shs500,000 and initiated him into the association.

He was given ‘a VIP special treat’ and won his first ticket a week ago. Since winning his first ticket, he lost thrice and decided to keep away from betting after losing around Shs450,000.

“I lost three times and decided to stop betting even when these guys were sending me games and calling me to bet. I ignored them but yesterday (Sunday), they called me several times asking me to bet for the last time. The stake they told me to put was scary given my betting history, I told them that I have only won 800k from betting on my first time and if I bet the stake you are asking me to place, I will go back to zero again. They insisted and asked me to stake Shs200,000 if I fear. After a very long argument, I finally agreed and placed a bet. I was shivering from the minute I placed the ticket and it was worse when I saw only one team remaining. I called the association secretary at midnight after the win and I was all heaping them with praises. I told him that I am now paying you for the subscription fee. He told me to send him 120,000 and 300,000/= if I wanted to be on the VVIP list, I told him am sending you 500,000/= as a token of appreciation and I don’t know if I will ever bet again,” he explained to this reporter in a phone interview.

He also added that before they gave him games, they tell him that betting is the game of luck and with the Uganda Bettors Association, there luck is always at 95% and any time you bet, your hopes are high.

He asked us not to reveal how much he won with the ticket but it had an ODD 17!

When contacted for a comment, the Ag, Chairperson of UBA said that it was not a good weekend for all their subscribers since most of them lost. He says that the most affected package were the ordinary subscribers after Liverpool drew with struggling Fulham. He also said that some members of the VIP who placed AC Milan an assured win lost. However, he maintains that VVIP has won all their ticket this week.

He also asked those who want to join the association to join with two things in mind, there are good days and bad days in gambling. Not every day is a party day adding that most people who want to join ask for fixed games which don’t exist.

“We have had so many people who always ask us for what they call ‘SURE WINS or FIXED GAMES’, we don’t do that and perhaps if those sure wins existed, then everyone would be rich. Who knew that Fulham would draw with Liverpool? However, we have won more than we have lost ever since we launched the association,” he said.

He also advised all gamblers to stop betting daily and instead choose other days to relax their minds as they analyze games for the next days.

He asked those who would like to join the association to contact the Secretary on WhatsApp +256759473048 for more guidance on how they can be registered. Or click here


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