Married Woman Gets Stuck While Having Sex With Lover [WATCH VIDEO]

A married woman who is said have been cheating on her husband with a particular man, got stuck in bed while making love.

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The event happened after her husband reportedly visited a witch doctor and collected some concoction to arrest the development.

While they were having sex, they got stuck and couldn’t pull out from each other, prompting them to start shouting for help.

In the video shared on YouTube, community members gathered and tried to help the two but all efforts were futile until the husband arrived to the scene.

The woman got more backlash from the incident as the reactions on social media described the incident as an act of God to punish infidelity.

Others who reacted on social media believed that a medical condition must have been responsible for it with such incident not new to even the civilised world.

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A medical practitioner, who spoke to us, debunked claims of spiritual connection. He said the medical condition is called Penis Captivus.

“The muscles of the woman’s pelvic floor contract rhythmically at orgasm. While those muscles contract the penis becomes stuck and further engorged,” he explained.

“Finally, the vaginal muscles relax, the blood flows out of the penis and the man can withdraw.”

The incident was reported to have happened in Ogun State, Southwest, Nigeria.

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