Mawogola: Farmers receive aid to boost Farming in the Region

Farmers in the areas of Mijwara, Mahindo and Lugusulu in Mawogola North are on cloud 9 after receiving several farm equipment which they say will highly boost their farming from the NRM flag bearer aspirant Godfrey Aine Kaguta, alias Sodo.

The equipment that included hoes, pangas and fertilizers among others were given to them as a donation from the NRM flag bearer aspirant Godfrey Aine Kaguta alias Sodo.

Upon receiving the donation handed over to them under their Sacco groups, by a representative of the Sodo camp last evening,the farmers did not hide their excitement as they helped Sodo with all sorts of praises.

“Our people depend highly on farming, so we did see a need to boost their activities by making this small donation. The livelihoods of our people depend greatly on the produce they farm, so whatever assistance they need, my team and I are ready to extend it.

We want to make the live s of our people better,” Sodo explained.

Mawogola North is in preparations for its NRM primaries that are taking place tomorrow, with the race being tied between Godfrey Aine Kaguta and Shartsi Musherure, the daughter to the Foreign Affairs Minister and incumbent Mawogola North MP Sam Kutesa.

The latter has been the regional MP of the area for more than three decades and with the coming elections, where there be an opportunity for that much desired change in the area’s governance? Well,it’s all up to the Mawogola residents to decide.

We’ll keep you updated on Mawogola polls.

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