MC Kats Endorses Nisay P’s ‘Musege’ Club Banger


According to MC Kats, Nisay P’s song ‘Musege’ can easily turn out to become a theme song for the second lockdown.



“Just a few weeks ago during my weekend football league games, Musege was played on the speakers at the pitch and the crowds went wild.


Singing along as other danced their stress away, people seemed attached to the song very much to my surprise.”


“This forced me to take a keener listen to the song and I later realised that the lyrics have a few catchy lines that revellers and youths in general subscribe to.

Singer Nisay P.

On Saturday, president Museveni announced the second lockdown to last until 30th July, 2021 and like it was in the previous lockdown, those interested in music are already in search for the lockdown anthem.”


During NBS TV’s After 5 program, MC Kats noted how he has high hopes in Nisay P’s song Musege becoming the new lockdown anthem.


“This guy will make us sing whatever he wants. This is the lockdown anthem.”


Earlier, the show co-host Douglas Lwanga had also heaped praise on the song saying, “The lyrics and the beat on this song are mad. It is the song of the lockdown.”


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