Meet Teso’s Poet Benard OKurut toping Charts in the World of Poetry

We have seen poets come and go but Gabriel Benard Okurut is here to stay,focused and determined to impact the world with his piece of art.

Okurut,23,is no doubt Uganda’s enthusiastic human who believes age and money shouldn’t hold him back in achieving his ultimate goal in telling stories and passing on information to the World through not only poems,but music and drama as well.

Truely,gone are days we used to see successful writers,rather authors being those old, really old-dying men and women,but wait! Here is a youth taking it upon himself and believes he is on top of the game.

The singer,writer and poet blends his touch to the anthology, a true replica of African oral tradition that real defines the continent’s true craftsmanship.

Born and raised in a family of teachers, he started reading and writing poetry at a young age.He realized that it was only his career in 2015 when he wrote the first poem titled the ‘noisy silence: Anthology,’ a carefully composed African poetry collection.

The noisy silence is made up of 98 brilliant poems edited by the writer himself with the help of his teachers and lecturers.

It was first published on kindle as an ebook on 2nd of august 2020 and later upgraded into a papperback.
The 182 page book is assigned a special ISBN number which helps to identify it from a billion other books by other authors.

Okurut’s is a wordsmith whose poetry leaves the reader swimming in a sea of imagery, metaphors and unique wit and pun. He is a very creative writer whose works are so African and original, he differs from other writers who always copy the western poetic styles.

His book,The Noisy Silence is intended to preserve, protect and promote the spoken word art of the native east African people.

Bits of the oral African tradition like songs, proverbs, tongue twists, folktales and fables are artistically blended in this Ugandan poetry collection to give the reader a concrete perception of what African literature really looks like.

The poet makes use of couplets haikus, odes, sonnets, epitaphs and other poetic forms in ‘The Noisy Silence’ which gives more meaning to the poem,hence a unique African touch.

The reader is presented a wide scope of subject matter, from politics, nature, youth and age, war, love in its forms, death, philosophy among others.

Who is Okurut?

Taking you back, the talented Okurut who hails from Eastern Uganda,Teso sub region,Bukdea District to be exact,is a student of English language and literature at Kyambogo University Kampala Uganda and a former student of journalism at Kampala international university.

He is the founder of ‘koi koi (psychic poetry) troupe which is a Kyambogo university based east African student poets and performing arts association.

His creativity makes him an outstanding writer whose literally works are being read and published internationally. His notable works like ‘pide’ ,a haiku published spillwords.com , the testicles of a foolish man and apiece of clay published on international sites like Luna have earned him a lot of attention globally.

Okurut writes intriguing satires, his poetry piece Uganda my child in which he attacks the corrupt and unjust regime sparked a lot of controversy and mixed feelings among the readers, other works of him include essays, short stories and articles.

He is a notable songwriter who has written a couple of songs for rising songbirds in in the Ugandan music industry who also won an award in 2019 for being the best upcoming song writer.

Okurut trains music in schools and performs poetry with the legacy foundation, a big group of creatives at Kyambogo University.

Follow Okurut’s works on www.amazon.com/author/bernardgabrielokurut, his personal blog at pyschicpoetrycom.wordpress.com and other websites including spillwords.com, medium.com, lunatheblog.com, internnentpoem.com and on all social media links at Bernard Gabriel Okurut.

About the Book

Author: Bernard Gabriel Okurut
Book title: The Noisy Silence, Unspoken book 1
Category: Ugandan poetry anthology,
Publisher: independently published on kindle direct publisher amazon.com inc
Publication date:
Ebook: August 2, 2020.
Paperback version: August 29, 2020.
ISBN-13 979-8674525608
Language: English
Number of pages: 182 pages.


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