MoH breaks silence on video purporting Minister Aceng faking COVID-19 vaccination

The Ministry of Health has come to dispel as fake rumor a video making rounds on social media alleging that Minister Aceng faked COVID-19 vaccination.

The vaccination was officially launched yesterday at Mulago specialised hospital Women’s wing and the Minister of Health Dr Jane Ruth Aceng was among those to benifit.

However, the video has been making rounds on social media that the Minister was never vaccinated raising fears among the citizens on the safety of Astrazeneca COVID-19 jab.

The Health Ministry PRO Emmanuel Ainebyoona now in a statement calls upon Ugandans to disregard the rumor and treat it as fake since the Minister was fully vaccinated.

Here we reproduce his full statement;

“Disregard the Fake Video  on  Vaccination”

11th March, 2021

Attention of the  Ministry  of Health  been drawn to  manipulated  videos  on the COVID-19  Vaccination  launch event  that took place yesterday, 10th March, 2021.

It is very unfortunate  that some unscrupulous  individuals  have embarked on creating  Deep Fake videos and circulating them online with an   intention  of discrediting  the COVID-19  Vaccination  exercise  in the country.

The Minister of Health, Dr Jane Ruth Aceng  Ocero was the first Ugandan to take COVID-19  Vaccine jab in broad day light. She is currently  in good health.

A total of 310 persons received their COVID-19  Vaccination  jabs at the launch event, with Mulago  recording 280 and 30 at Entebbe  Regional Referral  Hospital.

This is to kindly request you to disregard the manipulated videos with a logo of one of the media houses that are making  rounds online.

The Ministry of Health social media pages i.e  twitter and YouTube  have the videos that are  a true reflection  of the National  Vaccination  launch  that happened at Mulago  Specialised  Women  and Neonatal  Hospital and Entebbe Regional  Referral Hospital.

For factual information  please  call MoH toll free line 0800100066 or this number  +256779220588.

From Emmanuel Ainebyoona SPRO-MOH.

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