Mukula labels FDC ‘Forum for Democratic confusion’

The National resistance movement Vice-chairman for the Eastern region, Capt. Mike Mukula has labeled Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) as Forum for Democratic Confusion.

Mukula made the remarks while addressing NRM leaders in Eastern region Kumi District before his presidential candidate Museveni addressed them.

Mukula told the people of Eastern Uganda not to be deceived by FDC party leaders because they are confused.

“When you talk about FDC in the East, where is FDC. It is now no longer Forum for Democratic Change, it is now Forum for Democratic Confusion,” Capt Mike Mukula.

Mukula also laughed at the opposition politicians who keep fighting the progress of the NRM Government and accused them of being politically narrow-minded.

“Those who don’t understand ideals of NRM and strategic directions have assumed you want to hold onto power,” he said.

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