Navio’s wife reacts to Winnie Nwagi’s dirty dance with rapper

A few weeks ago, a video of rapper Navio rejecting bootylicious Winnie Nwagi went viral on social media.

The video attracted so much public attention with a section of social media in-laws praising Navio for his actions.

In an interview, Navio talked about the incident and how it could have affected his relationship with his wife, Matilda.

Navio revealed that he met Winnie Nwagi at a fundraising ceremony and they were asked to pose for photos by photographers, only for Winnie Nwagi to pull off dance moves.

Navio emphasized that he moved away with no bad intentions because the intended photo moment was done.

When asked if affected his relationship with his wife, the rapper said his wife just laughed it off once it went viral because she is friends with Winnie Nwagi.

“At first, she ignored it, but when it grew bigger on social media, she just laughed so hard about it because she did not expect it to grow that far. My wife and I are big fans of Nwagi, so the incident did not mean a thing to us,” he said.

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