Nina Roz finally opens up on her sex life with Daddy Andre

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According to recent reports, Nina Roz is pregnant and dating fellow singer and alias Daddy Andre.

However, in a twist of events, the Kyoyoyo singer has rubbished the rumors in a recent interview.

In recent weeks, we have witnessed the rampant spread of reports indicating that Nina Roz and Daddy Andre are dating but considering to keep their relationship private.

Some reports indicated that the two singers are planning to make things official with a traditional introduction ceremony to meet each other’s parents because Nina is allegedly pregnant.

While speaking in an interview, Nina denied all the reports and maintained that Daddy Andre is just her close friend and labelmate. She distanced herself from any affair beyond music with the producer.

“Daddy Andre is my friend and the fact that we are under the same management (Black Market) it really means we have to be working together hence being close friends. I understand people run into conclusions but that does not worry me at all as a celebrity,” she said.

However, there is never smoke without fire burning under the blanket

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