Northern Uganda’s Iron Lady Laika,Speaks Out on Family,Love and Politics

Super gorgeous Laika Betty and what we can term as Uganda’s Iron lady has finally loosen up. In a tell all interview with us, Betty who is well known to be a very private person has finally revealed a lot about herself. She talked to us about love, family, career and politics. Read on

Briefly tell us who Laika is exactly?

Laika Betty Shereed is the daughter of Layika Balam Ojara and Peace Ojara of Lamola clan in Odek Sub-county Omoro District.  I Completed my education in Uganda.

Laika is currently the Managing Director of New Dawn Health Care and Employment Limited in the UK. She is a trained social services worker who has worked in the sector for more than 10 years, and besides her work, she supports young mothers who have just given birth, disabled people, and vulnerable people back in Omoro district.

Growing up as a child, what character were you like?

I was a rebellious child, or some may call it talkative, but I knew what I wanted my education was my priority. I managed to finish my education well.

Did you hold any leadership positions while in school?

I don’t think holding a position in school should determine someone’s political career. However, I was not interested in school leadership.

Where did the love for politics come from?

Due to Poor leadership in Women members of Parliament forced me to come and join politics for better leadership in the women sector. Omoro District is a new district that needs someone who is well-spoken, focused on developing community, is ethical and civic-minded, practices effective cross-cultural communication, and above all, I will be the voice of the voiceless.

Do you have a political family background?

Surprisingly I don’t have anyone in my family who was been a politician but I believe I had it in me but I was waiting for the right time. Politics is a passion that I have developed of late to make a difference in our political system in Uganda.

When and why did you leave Uganda for abroad?

I would say I have left Uganda as such, but I am mostly in Both Countries Uganda and UK.  Home is home East of West.

All these years while abroad, what impact have you made on the lives of your local people in the Acholi region?

I have educated a few children and I am still educating some, I have supported people I can because I hate to see people if I am in a position to help.

What challenges have you faced helping people?

People expect more and more and yet I work to earn a living. I am not a rich person but the little I have I share.

In the last elections, you’re one person that injected too much money into your campaigns.

What I know is I spent over Shs500,000,00 I lost track of accountabilities towards the end of the elections money was flowing like a river.

Who was behind your luxurious campaigns?

I would not call making boreholes, supporting young mothers, and helping disabled people luxurious. I was helping my community and I am still helping and yet I didn’t make it. I believe every little helps.

You didn’t make it to parliament, didn’t this affect your financial life? How?

It affected me financially, of course, nevertheless,  I went knowing I may win or lose. I was prepared for it mentally. Were a good lesson for me and I have learned a lot from it. In life, if you Fall down you get up and start walking to your destination so  I am doing just that.

So, now, elections got over, what is next?

I am back to my work and working normally it wasn’t the end of the world you know.

Do you have plans of coming up again?

I have not made up my mind yet, I have a good job. When I went for politics, I wasn’t looking for a job. I went to help the voiceless.

Our sources tell us that after the elections, a section of big boys from the state called you for inside house meetings, how did they go? And what deal did you seal?

I won’t comment on that!

Laika, how do you see the politics of Uganda?

Our politics is not that bad if we educate our people on civic education and we must stop intimidating our contestants and voters who support other parties.  Let the voters decide. In other words, we don’t have democracy in Uganda to some extent.

You live a good life there, why get involved in politics?

One has to sacrifice to help others, I want nothing in politics but to use politics to voice my self-want and speak for the voiceless in my constituency which is Omoro district.

Fair enough, are you a family lady?

Yes, I am a family lady but I Keep my family off politics. It’s me going for politics not my family.

How do you manage to keep your private family off the public?

I respect my family and it’s better to keep them in the spotlight.

One day you appeared in Newspapers as a rich beautiful girl from Gulu that loves hard whisky. It was written that you and Whisky are inseparable. How true was this?  Did you change?

It was not true at all, that was sabotage, however, I wouldn’t call myself rich but a hard-working woman. I believe a woman must work hard and support her family too. I give God that my sweat is paying off!

Lastly, what do you tell your local person who voted for you and you didn’t make it to parliament?

I say Thank you to all the voters in Omoro, I felt loved and I felt at home, out of eight contestants I became 2nd and I Campaigned for only 6 weeks.

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