EXCLUSIVE: NUP hunting for plan B Candidate incase Bobi Wine is blocked, Ssenyonyi tops the list

The National Unity Platform (NUP), that’s spearheaded by the Kyadondo East Lawmaker, Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine has launched a hunt for a potential candidate to fit in the shoes of Bobi Wine in case he is kicked out of the race.

With few days remaining to the nomination of the presidential candidates, city lawyer Hassan Male Mabirizi has moved to block Bobi’s nomination arguing that the pop-star-turned politician is a dishonest person.

The legal maxim doctrine states that he who comes into equity must come with clean hands.

This could be true for presidential hopeful Bobi Wine, who could become a victim of the doctrine which he is familiar with being a student of law at Cavendish University.

“I was availed with all documents presented by Bobi Wine to EC in 2017 Kyadondo East by-election and I discovered dishonesty on his side,” says Mabirizi.

Mabirizi contends that Bobi Wine lied about his age, which is a criminal offence under the law.

“From the face of his academic papers availed to me by the Electoral Commission (EC), Bobi Wine was dishonest with his age.  He was not born in 1982 as he claims because his diploma transcript from Makerere University indicates that he was born on February 12, 1980,” Mabirizi contends.

Mabirizi argues that giving false information is a criminal offence under section 115 of the Penal Code Act and section 76(b) of the Registration of Person Act, 2015.

Mabirizi revealed that the process is underway to institute private prosecution against him over purported dishonesty.

Articles 102(2) (f) and 80(2) (f) of the Constitution states that a person is not qualified for election as president if he has been convicted by a competent court of an offence involving dishonesty or moral turpitude.

Now, a source close to the party who preferred anonymity has revealed that closed door meetings are being held to find a suitable person to lead the party should Bobi Wine fail to make it to the ballot paper.

According to the source, the candidates who have been listed so far include; The party mouthpiece Joel Ssenyonyi, Former Luweero Woman MP Brenda Nabukenya who recently crossed from the Democratic Party (DP) & The party Secretary General Mr David Lewis Rubongoya.

“John Baptist Nambeshe would also be part of the list but some people don’t really think someone who has been in NRM should take over the mantle,” a source disclosed adding that “other party members suggest we rally behind Eng. Patrick Amuriat or Gen. Mugisha Muntu.”

“There was also a suggestion mooted that why not find a vibrant young person from the North or Eastern, and that would carry more weight and dispel the fears of NUP being a Buganda thing. Members will have to scout around,”

This also led to the cancellation of the scheduled launch of the fundraising meetings that had been scheduled for this weekend.

“Greetings from the Secretariat; The Fundraising committee regrets to communicate cancellation of the fundraising launch earlier communicated.  Please bear with us this is due to unforeseen circumstances.  We shall launch over a press conference on Tuesday 25/08 which you may attend at your convenience.  More details about fundraising will be furnished to you in due course.  You may also contact us on 075224—99 for more information,” reads a memo that was sent to members.

The source however contends that they are going to try their best to see that Bobi Wine gets nominated.

What the law says

Under the law, whoever gives to any person employed in the public service any information which he or she knows or believes to be false commits an offence.

While section 76(b) of the Registration of Person Act, 2015 states that any person who gives false information or makes a false statement when providing information for an entry or obtaining the issue or re-use of a national identification card is liable to imprisonment for five years.

How Mabirizi started this battle with Bobi  

On August 10, Mabirizi petitioned EC seeking to be availed with Bobi Wine’s academic credential detail.

Mabirizi argued that he wanted to satisfy his doubts that he possesses the minimum requisite papers for the office.

“Bobi Wine’s academic details available at the parliament website indicate that he was born in 1982 and sat A-level in 1998. This means that if he was born in 1982, he sat A-level at 16-years, O-level at 13-years and PLE at 9-years and started his educational journey at 2-years only which is peculiar,” Mabirizi argued.

This, according to Mabirizi created doubt about his academic credentials and could only be satisfied by looking at the academic documents tendered to EC at nomination in the 2017 by-election which brought him to parliament.

On August 14, EC directed Mabirizi to pay shs20, 000 to Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) in order to be availed with Bobi Wine’s academic documents.

On August 18, Mabirizi paid the money and was consequently availed with the documents.

Documents availed to Mabirizi indicate that Bobi Wine scored an f9 in mathematics at the ordinary level.

Mabirizi argues that he doubts Bobi Wine’s potential to lead the country having failed mathematics at ordinary level and general paper at advanced level.

“What is required to block him from being nominated is arrangement of evidence necessary to convict him of any offence involving dishonesty before the Election Day and steps are underway to retrieve several documents signed by him at Makerere University , NIRA, passport office where he was dishonest with his age,” Mabirizi disclosed.

Bobi Wine’s profile on the parliament website however indicates that he sat his O-level at Kitante Hill School in 1996 and A-level at Kololo secondary school in 1998.

He also has a diploma in music, dance and drama from Makerere University in 2003.

“I know it is hard time to take the decision I am taking but that is the said pain we have to go through if we are to enjoy the real democracy envisaged by the framers of our constitution and block dishonest leaders from making their way to the ballot paper,” Mabirizi noted.

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