NUP vs NUP: IPOD money eaters versus cassava eaters – Poem by Stella Nyanzi

Ugandan politician and poet, Dr. Stella Nyanzi has once again punched holes in Bobi Wine’s leadership in his National Unity Platform (NUP) party.

Her reaction was triggered by the current dramatic situation where NUP founding member, Moses Kibalama decided to claim full party ownership.

This week, Kibalama’s faction opened a parallel office in Kabowa city suburbs in Rubaga division. The group further warned the Kamwokya-based NUP leadership under Bobi Wine, real names Robert Kyagulanyi to desist from using NUP party symbols, colors, stamps, and other materials.

In four short verses, the former Makerere research fellow has described Bobi Wine’s NUP as fraudsters, and the other group as stooges. She has summarized the NUP ownership battle as a fight between masqueraders and crooks!

She insists both sides are dealers anyway.

Here below in Nyanzi’s poem;


NUP Versus NUP!!!
Nap versus noooooop!
Nappy versus Nope!
Nyampa versus Nupu rhyming with pupu.
Numb versus Nupe rhyming with nuke.
Who cares?
Mmmmhh, tebalina kyebatugamba.
Zonna zonna menvuuli!

NUP-2 versus NUP-1!!!
NUP Kamwokya versus NUP Kabowa
The masqueraders versus the crooks!
The fraudsters versus the stooges.
The deal cutters versus the dealed…
Sleek suits versus second-hand suits,
Who cares?
Mmmmhh, tebalina kyebatugamba.
Zonna zonna menvuuli!

NUP of the EC versus NUP not of the EC!
Principle Bobi versus President Kibalama,
Encroachers versus party founders,
Fake constitution versus old constitution,
IPOD money eaters versus cassava eaters,
Armoured car versus Toyota-bikibiki,
Who cares?
Mmmmmhh, tebalina kyebatugamba.
Zonna zonna menvuuli.

(4) NUP duplicate versus NUP original, NUP Rubongoya versus NUP Ssimbwa, NUP Senyonyi versus NUP Tugume, NUP Barbie versus NUP many wives, NUP Magere versus NUP Nansana, NUP from People Power versus NURP, Who cares?Mmmmmhh, tebalina kyebatugamba. Zonna zonna menvuuli.

The stories within the stories of the stories about the stories from NUP1 and NUP2 are dizzying. But who cares? Tebalina kyebatugamba. Zonna zonna menvuuli. Meenvu… kibbo ky’ameenvu.

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