One on One with Khosi: ‘I am going to do Charity across Africa with the BBTitans US$100,000 Price I won’

In life, for one to achieve or rather succeed, they just ought to go for it and even when it’s all lost, provided that hope is not lost, they eventually get it finally. It usually takes courage, strength and above all, self -confidence for one to accomplish tasks and make it through to claiming a certain goal or purpose.

And yes! Whoever initiated the adage “Luck comes to a person who does today what you are thinking of doing tomorrow” is actually right because for many centuries, it has never been any easy to convince one’s mind that it is not only about luck that counts for you to win or accomplish any vital aspect of life but rather dedication and doing things the right way and before you know it, you are already there!

These and more still remain a surprise to many but in the conversation between our writer Emuk Benjamen with South Africa’s Khosi, real name Makhosazane Twala the overall Big Brother Titans ‘Ziyakhala Wahala’ edition winner, we bring you what it takes to be a victor, never undermining and ignoring obstacles in life, a thing largely believed makes and drives one to the destined journey or even beyond.

Khosi in her interview with Emuk, disclosed some vital things in life human beings shouldn’t leave to pass and those that you have to stick to until you reach the ultimate destination where you will decide whether to hang in there or go for more because in the end, you will have to learn to shoot your shot though help is vital but it heavily pays when you do it on your own.

Emuk delves deep into the interview where Khosi shares her grooving experience in the BBTitans house and sheds more light on what she believes led to her crowning victor of the BBTitans title;

It was a Tuesday and having gone to bed with a concrete plan on Monday night, I knew it was going to be an interesting interview but of course very intense come Tuesday 11:00 AM. I guess I was wrong; I had a great one, the only hardest thing was waking up and getting set for the interview at the right time which all turned out to my favor.

The clock had started ticking and I was locked in my mind, of course with pressure for I was about to interview a fellow journalist who knows best how to handle interviews, and above all, the recently crowned queen of the BBTitans.

“How am I going to do it?” I thought to myself for a minute but then I figured out that I had in the past years engaged in interviews with some of the international popular figures in the music industry including the likes of Major Lazer, Angelique Kidjo, ‘Big Deal’ hit maker Christopher Martin, America’s Pop and RnB singer Mya, Wizkid, Darren Rahn, Reggae maestro Chronixx, Tiwa Savage and Diamond Platnumz among others and that there was nothing to fear and then boom it was time for the interview, I held my breath and joined on a zoom call only to find that I had misinterpreted the time, I actually mistook Ugandan Time for the West African Time, it was supposed to be midday 12:00 pm (Noon), an hour away from 11:00AM Ugandan Time.

I stayed on a call and thanks to Denise Kayiraba, Public Relations Executive Manager at brainchild BCW, a leading PR agency in Uganda also handling PR for MultiChoice Uganda who was able to inform that the interview was still on but I had logged on 60 minutes earlier. So, I had to wait until it was the right time.

Ever wondered what it feels like going in for an interview late after the interviewee has gotten to the venue and is getting tired of waiting for you the interviewer? Well, I guess you don’t have a clue. I was 10 minutes late for the interview but thanks to the patient, kind and resilient Khosi who kept waiting for me amidst her busy schedule, over 20 more interviews lined up both local and international, waiting for her and yes! We shared a light moment immediately after introductions and that ushered us right into the long awaited interview.


Khosi right at the beginning of the show, you became the Tail of the House, what made you cope with it and what kept you going even further?


Ohh! no, that was the worst way to begin because when I had just joined the show, I wanted to show people in the house what I was made of. I very well knew that I was going for a kill and then boom, I was the Tail of House, that really made me feel really bad but I had to take in and accept the challenge and finally in my mind, it felt like I was reminded that hey! Look, you are the worst but I don’t wanna lie, it made me fight everyday so as to bring my A’ game and me winning the Head of House was a clear indication that every challenge prepares you for better.


Interesting! How did it feel to finally be Heads of House with your other fellow housemate Ipeleng?

Benjamin, I don’t know how to bring this out but the truth is, the whole experience was quite interesting, I think it was a sign that as a king of the jungle that I really was, it indeed brought the lion in me and like I said everything happens for a reason. It was a real manifestation that I was not far away from achieving the ultimate goal, winning the title and yes, I was but only a few metres away from it.


To be HoH you had to face a lot of challenges and tasks, including roaring like a lion, how was that experience compared to guessing the number of eggs on the white board?

Ohh! Yeah, laughs! To be honest with you, I was just having fun, the fact is I didn’t want to beat myself up because I knew every time I lost the Head of House challenge, I really didn’t want to keep pitying on myself and feeling embarrassed and yes that particular moment I was having fun but also I had to keep in mind that I always had to put my best foot forward.

And like I told you, most of the challenges in Big Brother require a lot of luck, like rolling a dice, guessing a number, or even picking up a box, so, I was one of the people who guessed 11 eggs off the right 21 total number of eggs on the white board and that automatically made me and Ipeleng the final Heads of House in the last week of the show.


At first you joined the show with the aim of being famous and winning the BBTitans title and cash but eventually you mentioned that you got tired of being average and needed to challenge yourself and see how far shooting for the stars would take you; do you think this helped you claim victory?

I honestly think so, because  I feel like somewhere along the game, I learnt myself well and started seeing myself worthy and I started seeing how capable I was  and I wanted to go out of the house and do a major thing and shock people.  That said, I was even surprised that when I got out of the house, I was known for being the boys lady but to assure you that’s not me in reality, people who follow me really know who I am and believe in me because they are very aware of my smart and calculated moves and as a person, I am a very ambitious and goal oriented girl.


I believe winning US$100,000 was very exciting for you but would you please share with us that priceless experience/ lesson you walked with.

Honestly, I think the amount of support I got while at the house was overwhelming, though I wasn’t the best but everybody’s favourite in the house and trust me I will be lying if I don’t disclose to you that I learnt how love can overturn any negativity whilst take you places and such a saying that “united we stand and divided we fall,” and together we can, its indeed true and I am proud of myself because of the those dear people who over pampered me with love. And if you still insist on that priceless thing I walked out of the house with, it is self-love and for others.


Fans played a crucial role in keeping not only you but most of you in the house, what do you think kept them at the palm of your hand?

The truth is I don’t understand why they kept being on my side most of the time, the truth is I still can’t come to the terms with it, I can’t believe they believed in me right from the time go until the end, I thought there was something specific they loved about me but honestly speaking, they told me they just loved me the way I was and that really surprises me even up to now.


How did it feel winning the BBTitans title and the ultimate US$100,000 price?

Ehhh! I am no gonna lie to you Benjie, I still can’t believe it up to now, honestly, it hasn’t sunk in at all. Come to think of it, the last person coming all the way from behind to winning? How do you think it feels if you put yourself in my shoes even for a second, and like you said earlier, I was Tail of House and you know when i had just gotten in the house, I was kind of bullied but ghosh! Here I am talking to you know, proudly sharing my experience as Africa’s much greatest and biggest entertainment and reality TV show title winner, ohhh! No, you really don’t get it. And about the money, I still don’t know the feeling I will have to encounter when I go to the bank to withdraw the first penny out of it in my bank account.


In Uganda, that’s over Shs380million, do you have any business idea in your mind or you are just going to spend your fortune to better yourself and your modelling and journalism career?

Good question! One thing I really want to do is charity across Africa, just travelling around Africa, being able to partner with big organisations in Africa so as to be able to travel all-over Africa and do charity whilst changing lives in the continent.


Having won the BBTitans title, do you think it has added any weight to your journalism career?

Yes sure! I feel like being a journalist is being a voice to the voiceless and having grasped this opportunity my life has changed for good and I don’t think i will be working for the organization I used to work for before, I don’t think I will be going back to being a journalist I was before, one who was attached to an organization but I will still continue being a journalist at heart because I believe having your personal platform does not limit you to do incredible things and put out your views as compared to being attached to a media house or organization and I believe having a rich gigantic platform to help others and put out crucial information and freely air your views. “This is what would be every journalist’s dream,” she said before hurrying off for yet another vital appointment, Bye Benjamen, thanks for the interview, I am 15 minutes late for my next appointment,” she added.

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