Pia Pounds undresses again! – ‘She has more nudes on the internet than songs’

Fans have roasted ‘nude artist’ Pia Pounds for repeatedly undressing in public. The relentless Netizens have also said that the sexy singer is releasing more nude pictures than songs.

“She has since ‘Twende Tupaate’ failed to make another notable song, yet she releases atleast one naked pictures of herself everyweek,” they have been saying.

Pia Pounds: Isn’t she sexy?
Pia Pounds is not shy giving her fans ‘some’
Pia Pounds showing what her mama gave her

Just recently, they advised her to stop walking naked and start covering her private parts, that they are slowly becoming public parts.

She is known for loving to put on less than more – showing everything like it has been seen in her most recent photos where she’s seen displaying her small v-shape.

Pia Pounds has a great future behind her
Pia Pounds shows her booty

Since she flashed her bums social media, some people gave up on her – they accepted!

Besides all that, the electric perfomer performer is not giving any attention to anyone; she knows exactly what she’s doing and she also knows that she’s doing nothing wrong.

Pia Pounds is unruly, and doesn’t even care whatever others think, she’ll continue being ‘naked’.

See Netizens reactions;

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