Police arrests Adome for planning a robbery scam with Don Zella at Speke Apartment

Police at Jinja Road are holding a one Adome Jeremy/Ojok Jeremiah, 36, for allegedly stealing 80,000 USD (over Shs300m) from Room number 107 at Speke Apartments, Wampewo.


The money allegedly stolen belonged to socialite Sheila Don Zella alias Sheila Nandege, 36, who had booked the apartment for 30 days on the December 5th, 2020.

According to CCTV footage recovered from the apartment on December 24th 2020 , the suspect , who is the same time a resident in the building , is seen accessing room 107 with another person yet to be arrested.

“They are later seen leaving with items. The suspect later fled to his home in Arua.  The police used all relevant information available and was able to trace him to his home,” Kampala Metropolitan Police Deputy Spokesperson Luke Owoyesigyire said in a statement on Wednesday.

“He was arrested Yesterday. A sum of 60,000 USD counterfeit money has been recovered from the suspect and it has since been exhibited.”

Owoyesigyire further added that the suspect has since insisted that the exhibited money is what he stole from the room.

According to the police, Don Zella also had fake dollars in her room, and the scam involved Don Zella’s sister Hamidah Shanita who slept with the suspect in the next apartment to Don Zella’s for 7 hours on December 24, 2020 before the socialite reported the robbery.
The police has reviewed full footage of the events.

Don Zella has since purported to go to the courts of law seeking payment for damages worth $125,000 (Shs 461M).
She purported to have lost eight passports (7 USA and 1 Ugandan passport) requiring $2,000 (about Shs7 million) for replacement, two laptops (H/P ProBook and Macbook, a hard drive worth $3,000 (about Shs11 million), jewelry worth $15,000 (about Shs55 million).

Other properties included; four phones worth $4,800 (about Shs18 million), two kids’ tablets worth $600 (about 2 million), a Nikon D850 camera worth $4,000 (14 million), cash of $90,000 (about Shs 332 million), and Shs30m.

The police findings, however, are set to cripple her legal challenge.

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