Police ‘stranded’ with stolen phones – where are the owners?

Police in Mukono have in possession a number of recovered stolen items (mostly electronics) whose rightful owners have not yet been known.

Following several complaints of robberies, burglaries, and thefts targeting electronic devices in Mukono Municipality and places long Kayunga road, the territorial Police at Mukono embarked on operations to hunt down the perpetrators.

And in the last few days, some stolen items have also been recovered as the team has also managed to arrest four suspects whose leader has been identified as Kitanda Allan alias Lubuka.

Lubuka paraded at Police

As Police traces for the owners, Luke Owoyesigyire, the Deputy PRO Kampala Metropolitan Police has urged those that lost their property through the crimes mentioned above to report to Mukono Police station to help identify some of their Properties just incase they are among those recovered.

Relatively, Lubuka was arrested with his three accomplices who were found with sharp objects like Pangas commonly known as Bijambiya and the gang members were subsequently arraigned in courts of law on allegations of aggravated robbery, burglary and theft.

“The group was terrorizing residents around Mukono Municipality,” Owoyesigyire stated.

“Our operations continued and on 17th June 2022, the team intercepted people carrying suspected stolen items,” he explained.

“A search was conducted at the home of one of the suspects identified as Nauga Reagan and Kalyango John a notorious thug who had physical wounds from gunshots believed to have been sustained during a foiled robbery in Mukono and has since been on the run.”

Police confirmed that several Electronics including TV sets, sharp Pangas, knives, refrigerators, gas cookers, radio hoofers, mobile phones, machines used for altering phone serial numbers and a printer used in making counterfeit money were recovered.

Police also established that the same group is believed to be connected to other suspects who have been terrorizing residents in Nagalama and Mukono. They are currently detained at Flying Squad headquarters in Kampala as investigations continue.

The Police spokesperson urged the members of the public to always be on alert and inform their area police of suspicious characters in their communities.

He further vowed that Police, through Community Policing will continue to strengthen its ties with the members of the public to help fight crime.

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