REVEALED: Sheebah, Fik Fameica, Azawi top the LGBTQ List

Such expression as “never judge a book by its cover” is indeed true, you can never tell who is doing evil by just seeing them appear on TV or performing in a concert or even in a popular bar, lounge or hangout in town or even in your village neighborhood.

And whoever made an expression, “Do what I say but don’t do what I do” is actually more than right because we are seeing the real truth to it.

When you see them perform, what you hear them sing in their songs, is actually what you might one day do, depending on the message it. If it is about love, well, go on and love your wife or husband since God created Man and woman to love, support and care for each other.

You must be wondering what the real issue is and thinking, “What’s the purpose of this piece but hey, look, this is a reminder that God did not create Man to have a sexual affair rather intercourse with a fellow man neither woman to woman, no, it’s not that way.

You all must be aware of the impunity and how the deadly vice of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer (LGBTQ) is eating up society in Uganda today even when it’s illegal but these groups command huge sectors, with powerful authorities pulling up to their side.

In this piece, our investigation team took trouble to expose some of the renowned individuals behind the LGBTQ vice and through this; we can reliably inform that the top names in the music industry came up.

While interviewing Elisha Mugisha, a former Gay member, we were able to establish the names behind it and they are doing their best in recruiting as many young people as possible to their LGBTQ community.

In the list you are to see below, female singer Sheebah Karungi, Allan Toniks, Azawi and Fik Fameica are the big fish in it and thus they are charged with recruitment of other young people to the LGBTQ groups.

These people’s work is quite easy, and according to Elisha, they don’t even spend much money on the recruits since most the young girls and boys fancy these artistes and such an opportunity to rub shoulders with these celebs is what they can’t resist.

To the young people whom these artistes usually call ‘fans,’ it is heaven on earth to be liked by Sheebah or Fameica or Azawi, they have great music, their musical career going on well and who wouldn’t want to be known by these popular but hard to get individuals?

Mugisha strongly warns young people to desist from following useless groups such as Sheebaholics, Fresh bwoy Gang among others because it is through those groups LGBTQ is gaining huge numbers day in and out.

See the list of LGBTQ Ugandan celebrities; don’t be shocked your favorite features in here;

Sheebah Karungi, Fik Fameica real name Walukagga Shafik, Azawi  Allan Toniks, Greande Official, Apas, Nina Roz, Kenzo, Liam Voice, Keem love, Zari hassan’s son , Kapa cat, Rhoda k, Ali the promotor, Kim Swagger, faded comedian Afande Kerekere, Frank Mugisha, Kasha Jacqueline, Chris Mubiru, Fashion star Ahumuza Brian alias Abrayanz, Mart baber and Zziwa Kennedy Katebalirwe CEO Hair by Zziwa hair clinic among others.

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