Revealed: Top Secret why Levels Kitchen is Kampala’s Finest

Ever wondered why Levels is one of the top and most preferred restaurants in Town? Well,in case you you are wondering, the truth is Levels’ kitchen always lets its premises warmly open to the customers in a rather more blissful manner as the restaurant and bar marks two years of great wonders.

The cozy restaurant which comes with a luxury but affordable touch on Afro-continental, Italian and Indian Cuisines has something special to the Muslim community especially during this holy Ramadan season.

Strategically located in Kitante on Kira road right opposite the Uganda museum, offers well-presented hot dishes at incredibly affordable prices, a meal that celebrates love, joy and purity this holy month of Ramadan for both families and individuals.

Blessing Ahereza General Manager at Levels speaking at the launch of the Ramadan special offers.

The special offer includes; – ¼ chicken pilau, katogo, glass of milk/juice, banana and soda at only Shs24,000, ½ chicken pilau, katogo, glass of milk/juice, banana and soda at only Shs35,000 or simply spaghetti bolognaise with banana,a glass of juice or milk and soda, whole chicken pilau, katogo, 4glasses of milk or juice, 4bananas and 4 sodas at only Shs90,000,sounds a joke, isn’t it?

While addressing journalists at the Restaurant premises, Blessing Ahereza General Manager at levels cited that extra ordinary well prepared delicious and hotly served dishes will definitely leave guests wanting more.

“The art of dishes tenderly brewed and prepared by our head chef Ali will leave you fully satisfied with our nostalgic restaurant music that’s always playing in the background gives a whole mood.

levels kitchen press release

Our most celebrated theme days of the restaurant from our luwombo Tuesdays, to live band Wednesdays for corporates and band lovers, to pizza Thursdays (Buy one get one free) at Shs35k only with platinum old-school vibes, level-up grill Fridays with the latest music, passport Saturdays that bring together different origins of people and lastly family La’ brunch on Sunday where we entertain small gatherings as families and friends to have breakfast, lunch,BBQ together.”

Ahereza said, “the well-trained staff is a true representation of how we are the trend setters of hospitality for the past two years since we opened.

Levels kitchen originates from great hands that have a keen eye to detail, now two great years of experience all round, great service to give comfort and healthy living being at the heart of it all. The obviously well thought through design of levels kitchen is eye catching right.”

According to Ahereza, the restaurant prides in serving guests with meticulously prepared food that are aimed at promoting healthy living in terms of cleanliness and the ingredients used.

“We have designed the restaurant right from the doorsteps to the backend to give a relaxing, cozy and exquisite feeling to our highly esteemed customers.

Healthy living is a very crucial topic in our day to day living and at levels kitchen we strive to uphold this with everything we do as we serve our customers, that is why we offer healthy boiled meals including boiled whole tilapia, boiled chicken luwombo, boiled goat, steamed salads, smoothies and juices.”

To the food enthusiasts, Levels is open to all customers from Monday to Sunday 24/7 serving all meals; breakfast, pastries, lunch and dinner. There is absolutely no doubt that the restaurant serves customers with special events like birthday celebrations, showers, anniversary dinners, graduation, and exclusive dinner dates among others.

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