SAD: Lumala recounts how he last saw his mother in the late 90s

Stylish Uganda Cranes winger Abdul Lumala has opened up on his troubles growing up as a young man without both of his biological parents.

Lumala was single-handedly raised by his now late maternal grandmother after the death of his mother when he was just still a toddler, yet his father was also not clearly identified.

“My mother left me when I was four months to my grandmother, untill today I’ve never seen daddy nor mummy,” Lumala revealed as he reacted to international ‘Happy Fathers’ Day’ celebrations.

On his Facebook page, Lumala said: “It’s abit disturbing but I am a strong man who was brought up by a strong woman. Sometimes, I also like anyone else we have my flaws, but with time we grow and learn.”

The player seems uncomfortable discussing his paternal origin in detail, but it is widely believed that Abdu Lumala’s father could most likely be a prominent local businessman from Busia who goes by the same name – Lumala.

That’s not only because most of the African names are associated with clans that they belong to, but because the said businessman is well known for having fathered many other children in different mothers, but they are all called Lumala.

“Wow! What a journey it has been!” Lumala exclaimed.

Now in his twenties, he recalled how far he has come from the late 90s, and returned all the gratitude to his late grandmother who he described as his guardian angel.

Remembering how his grandmother struggled to see him through school, and the segregation he he endured in the judgemental society, all Lumala ever wanted was to make her proud, and even in her absence, his plan has not changed.

Abdu Lumala on a plane
A recent photo of Abdu Lumala

Lumala hopes to have kids of his own one day, so he can be a very good father to them; “I know I will be a great daddy one day. I love kids and there innocence, how they look up to you, and how you can’t do no wrong to them and I love that.”

Orphaned at four months, Lumala is a very admirable figure here in Uganda, thanks to his great footballing abilities. He just wanted to give assurance to anybody else who might’ve gone through the same situation so they can feel loved and be strong. Because whatever happens, life goes on anyway.

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