Secrets behind the arrest of NUP Secretary General Rubongoya revealed!

National Unity Platform party (NUP) Secretary General, David Lewis Rubongoya was arrested by a joint team of Security just after appearing on NBS Television Frontline Political talk show.

Scuffle ensued as security ordered him to open up his vehicle as he attempted to leave NBS premises which vehemently turned down.

Later on, Police officers who were on the operation brought a break down and towed his vehicle to Kira Road Police Station where he was detained.

After the intervention of Democratic Party President Nobert Mao who had appeared with him on the show, Mr Rubongoya was released on police bond after being charged with possession of material resembling military attire, the ‘red beret’.

After regaining his freedom, Mr Rubongoya criticized police and other security agencies for harrassing Ugandan opposition politicians who carry different views against the current Government.

“It should not surprise anybody, this is just intimidation. The beret we put on is not for military, this is just politics “he said.

Norbert Mao who stood as his surety said that police should desist arresting opposition politicians who express their  political views while seeking change of Government.

Recently, Mukono municipality member of parliament Hon Betty Nambooze Bakireke, Kampala Central MP hopeful Fred Nyanzi Ssentamu and Charles Rwomushana were forced to spend a night in the studios after police mounted road blocks just outside NBS premises in an attempt to arrest them and charge them for flouting curfew.

Mr Rubongoya is expected to report for bond extension at Kira road police on Monday 26th October 2020.

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