Share Goodness this Ramathan with Royco: Your Perfect Kitchen Companion

Last week, Royco hosted the Wandegeya Muslim Community for a special Iftar event, serving up a delicious spread of Ramathan favourites: Beans, Chapati and Pilau among other meals as they broke their fast on Tuesday evening.

The event marked the start of Royco’s ‘Share Goodness’ campaign meant to elevate the Ramathan dining experience.

“We believe in the power of good food to bring people together,” said Grace Nandawula, Nutrition Category Manager at Unilever, adding that; “With our ‘Share Goodness’ campaign, we’re not only offering delicious recipes and special offers, but also giving back to those in need. It’s our way of spreading joy and sharing the blessings of Ramathan with everyone.”

During this month of fasting, Royco will serve Iftar meals at 30 mosques nationwide. “Accept our invite and let’s break the fast together this Ramathan,” Nandawula says.

As part of the campaign, Royco is also offering exclusive promotional offers at supermarkets and local markets. Please visit any store near you to enjoy these offers.

For every purchase of Royco 200g, customers will receive QR codes with special Ramathan recipes, allowing them to create delicious meals for their family and guests.

Royco’s signature seasonings, including Royco Cubes and Royco Mchuzi, are the ultimate kitchen essentials to bring out the best flavours in these iconic Ramathan dishes.

For Daaku, Royco Cubes are the perfect addition to Beans and Chapati. With their rich blend of spices, and nutritional benefit, they transform every bite into a culinary delight.

“For Iftar cravings, indulge in the aromatic and savory taste of Pilao and Beef, seasoned to perfection with Royco Mchuzi. These dishes are sure to impress your guests, satisfy your fast and make Iftar celebrations truly memorable,” Nandawula adds.

Additionally, customers can join in in giving back to the community by donating food items. They can drop offerings in the ‘Share Ramathan Goodness Box’ at select stores and choose a preferred mosque for the donation.

To celebrate the culmination of the ‘Share Goodness’ campaign, Royco will host a handover event where all donations will be presented to the chosen mosque. It promises to be a memorable occasion, filled with food, fun, and community spirit.

“This Ramathan, make Royco your trusted kitchen companion and share the goodness with your loved ones. Head to your nearest store today to stock up on Royco’s seasonings and join us in spreading the joy of Ramathan,” Nandawula concludes.

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