She forced her daughter to abort – Stella Nyanzi attacks Janet Museveni again!

Ugandan human rights advocate, poet, medical anthropologist, feminist, and queer rights advocate has once again verbally attacked the first lady, Janet Museveni as she celebrated her 74th birthday.

In her poems, Stella intends to be educative, but rather ends up sounding so abusive and vulgar; there are lines in her most recent poem for instance, where she literally points to Janet’s ‘pregnant feet’ and laughs.

More than once, Stella has been arrested for abusing the president or a member of his family. In the recent past, she has abused president Museveni’s wife, his children and his late mother besides calling him ‘a pair of buttocks’.

Currently in Germany, the scholar of sexuality, family planning, and public health has faulted the First Lady who’s also an education minister for “Opposing comprehensive sex education, while she forced her daughter’s abortion.”

Here is Stella’s dedication to Janet;


Janeti claims she turned 74 years,
Yet she still wants to work like a youngling;
Forcing her old mind into public service,
Posturing as a Minister of Education,
But the wires in her brain are rusty,
And the marbles in her head get lost,
No wonder under her uneducated watch
Hungry teachers are on strike again,
And poor children get pregnant in school;
Minister opposes contraception lessons.
While she forced her daughter’s abortion,
She opposes comprehensive sex education.
Have you seen her pregnant feet?
Bursting any day with sins of gluttony!
No wonder she can no longer stand,
But falls for everything and anything rich.
Her aged proboscis continues to suck…
See her flabby belly distend with blood!
As her husband slaughters Uganda,
She delights in sucking all the blood.
She taught her son to torture and kill.
He boasts to her of Kakwenza’s scars.
She taught her daughters to be impostors.
One is a pastor leading lost souls to hell.
One produces shallow shoddy films.
One is an archeologist selling wine and safaris.
As if her children never satisfy her,
Janeti forces Uganda to call her Mama.
At 74, you’re just a pure hungry vulture.
I, for one, still refuse to call you mother.

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