Sheila Gashumba,God’s Plan at war again

Sheila Gashumba and God’s Plan are at it again,it’s a no brainier that the media has it all over the headlines that the two love birds’s relationship is at rocks again and again.

Well,for starters, this is first time ‘NOT’ as the two have been having issues ever since this Covid19 pandemic started.
All we can say is that all is not well with the two love birds as they posted pictures of them selves,both having good time at different parties.

That has so far, attracted attention from Gashumba and his lover’s fans with many speculation that the two could be headed for a no come- back- break.

Talking about this,prior to the Snapchat posts, God’s Plan shared a photo of himself with his baby mama and their children on Instagram and attached love emojis.

Strangely,he spent the rest of the evening with his male friends; Ed Cheune and Don Bahati at the bar, popping champagne and showing off their expensive watches and cars.

Other reports suggest that he was rather celebrating the full recovery of his family members who recently tested positive for Coronavirus.

Jundging from the look of things,Kampala Sqoop can not conclude wether the two are still together or not but we can assure you that all is not well with the two,like there’s a saying, ‘there’s no fire without smoke,’well,we’ll keep you posted on this.


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