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Shock as 26-year-old woman rapes her 45-year-old father on gunpoint


A 26-year-old woman has been arrested for allegedly raping her father.

The incident happened in Nakuru, Kenya on Sunday night when a one Rose Achieng returned from an outing and forced her father to make love to her on ‘gunpoint.’

According to the victim, his daughter was high on drugs and that she was horny and couldn’t control herself.

“I divorced her mother about 10 years ago and since then, I have been staying with her and my other children. She came at night and came straight to my house, something that she had never done before but as a father, I was concerned, I opened the door and she told me she wanted a one on one talk with me, but the way she was dressed, I smelt a rat. She was dressed in a seductive manner but as her parent, I didn’t bother nor go any feelings but when we went inside, she switched on the lights, removed her top and pulled a gun which later turned out to be a toy gun after the police involvement. She pointed it to me and told me to do exactly what I have been doing to my girlfriend. She undressed and left only her pant, she told me to remove it. For fear of death, I had to do everything she requested for because I knew that if I try any stupid move, she will pull the trigger,” he narrated.

He adds that; “After the ugly act, she thanked me and apologized. But I had to involve police because I wanted her to spend some two years at a mental hospital.”

“If she can force me to sleep with her, how about the brothers? Are they safe?”

Rose is Othieno’s first daughter. She is currently being held at a local police station as investigations proceed.


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