Shock as Oyam residents discover mysterious underground tunnel

Residents of Aber sub county in Oyam district are still reeling in shock after a bizarre underground tunnel was discovered by one of them while he was sinking a pit latrine.

This occurred when one Patrick Omara, a resident of Apala Imalo village in Adyegi parish who was digging his family pit latrine landed on a wide four junction road underground just barely five meters deep from the ground above.

Franco Angole, the LC2 chairperson of Adyegi parish confirmed the incident.

Angole said after getting the report he went to view and found the construction halted because of fears that had already engulfed the family and neighborhood.

According to Angole, some men from the village who volunteered and were lowered down the tunnel confirmed to residents that the mysterious tunnel had what they described as “very wide and dark roads” and they could not exhaust its length which seemed endless.

Our efforts to get comment from RDC Oyam district Ms Gillian Akullu were futile as her known telephone number could not go through. Residents now want the government to send experts to help unlock the details about the mysterious tunnel to put their fears to rest.

The mysterious tunnel poses a real threat to the community with curious locals crowding at the site while others, especially men, continue to lower themselves into the tunnel, risking being buried down in case the tunnel curves in.

Last week a similar tunnel was discovered in Ngora district in eastern Uganda causing excitement among locals before authorities condoned off the area. It’s not yet clear what steps the authorities have taken so far leaving residents in Ngora, just like now the case in Oyam with more questions than answers.

Source: LBS FM, Lango

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