Singers Lydia Jazmine,Karole Kasita Praise ‘Club Beats at Home’ Online Concert

Singers Lydia Jazmine,Karole Kasita and Crysto Panda have applauded ‘Club Beats at Home’ Concert for the recognition and support they were accorded.

Running since the lockdown was declared,Club beer through it’s ‘Club Beats at Home’ Concert has been supporting several singers through out the lockdown.

While celebration a special session ‘Halloween,’singers Lydia Jazmine,Karole Kasita and Crystal Panda showered Club beer,the organizers and sponsors of the Club Beats at Home Concert for organizing such an incredible show.

Lydia Jasmine said Club beats is such a great opportunity to them as artists.

“We are very greatfull for the opportunity that Club has given us.we love everything that club has done for us.”

Commenting about the concert,Singer Crysto Panda said that Club beer has made it possible for some of the artists to express and showcase their talents to Ugandan artists and the rest of the World.

“Great thanks to Club beer for their very incredible ‘Club Beats at Home’ Concert.”

Panda also revealed that all the credit goes to Club beer for the love and support towards his hustle.

“I only have two songs but Club Beats has given me the opportunity not only to spread my tracks all over the country but has given me the opportunity to reach out to my fans and music lovers, spreading the message to them musically.

Crysto Panda performing .

Panda said that even with just only two songs he has,the message is all over Uganda and beyond.

I have only two songs but the messages in those songs are very crucial and everyone knows about it.

I am very happy that Club Beats made it possible for me to show case my music and spread relevant messages to the Intended audiences,” said Panda.

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