South African Chef Keletso set to whisk Up Culinary Magic for Singleton Chef Versus Event this Saturday

This Saturday, September 30th at Salama Springs in Bugolobi, the Singleton Chef Versus showdown promises an exceptional fusion of flavors and fine dining.


One of the chefs to watch is Chef Keletso Molaotse. He brings with him a decade of culinary expertise, rooted in the heart of Johannesburg, South Africa’s East Rand.


Currently serving as the Executive Chef for Onomo Hotel Kampala since June 2023, Chef Keletso’s journey began as a necessity-driven chef at home. He realized that his calling was in the world of food as the hunger for cooking gradually transformed into a love affair with the culinary arts.


Over the years, he transformed this necessity into a profound love for the culinary arts, eventually pursuing formal culinary qualifications at The Vaal University. His unwavering dedication and thirst for knowledge propelled him from a Junior Chef at ‘Chefs at Your House,’ to his current role as an Executive Chef, with experience garnered from renowned hotel groups around the world.


All set for the Singleton Chef Versus Challenge


Now, Chef Keletso stands at the threshold of a unique challenge – the Singleton Chef Versus event. It’s his debut in the world of culinary competitions in Uganda, and he couldn’t be more excited.


The task at hand? Infusing Singleton malt whisky into each course, a culinary adventure that promises to bring out the best in his creations. Chef Keletso is enthusiastic about the prospect, recognizing how whisky’s complex flavours can elevate his dishes.


Chef Keletso has crafted a tantalizing 3-course menu. It includes options for both red and white meat, as well as a signature dessert to cap off the evening. Each dish is a piece where he plans to blend the distinctive Singleton whisky flavours, using it for marinating meats and adding final touches to the plate presentations.


For Chef Keletso, the Singleton Chef Versus event will act as a significant milestone in his culinary career. The collaboration with the world’s leading single malt whisky brand, will offer him a thrilling opportunity to experiment with new flavour infusions in his dishes.

He’s confident about his menu choices and emphasizes that his primary approach is to have fun, knowing that he’s doing what he loves most; cooking.


As the event approaches, Chef Keletso is most excited about providing guests with a memorable fine dining experience. His goal is to create a value-for-money feeling, ensuring that everyone attending the Singleton Chef Versus event leaves with their taste buds delighted and their hearts content.


Chef Keletso shall face off with Chef Mugabe, a culinary prodigy who is making waves in the world of fine dining. Together with their own unique styles and approach to cooking, both Chefs are bound to leave their guests in awe with tantalizing flavors and culinary artistry that each promises.

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