Tear gas rocks Bukedea as Amuriat receives blessings

By George Emuron

A joint security team from Bukedea and Mbale have this afternoon used tear gas to disperse thousands of Forum for Democratic Change – FDC supporters who had gathered to bless their party President Eng. Patrick Amuriat Oboi commonly known as POA.

One of the FDC parliamentary aspirant, Robert Ocen said that the crowds ganged up to show their undying love for their candidate and son of the soil but not to be designed with teargas.

He urged police to offer security instead of torturing their supporters when they have gathered to show love to their candidate who is seeking for blessings from his motherland.

He added that the security should be nonpartisan on politics rather they should balance with their intelligent duties.

Francis Adeke who was the prayer leader, after preparing to dress up the candidate with Teso norms which included beads, stick among others was forced to handle the prayers with a lot of tear gas on her eyes.

Adeke before the president arrived in Teso said as the culture of Teso the dress code that they organized to dress their President portrays significance that Teso is proud and they will stand to support Amuriat since it’s the first time for Teso to have candidate for presidency seat.

Amuriat battled with teargas in his eyes as he received blessings.

Amuriat said its now the mandate of people of Uganda to stand together for a change.

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