The Big Morgan Heritage Interview: ‘Afrikaans’ Ought to Fight Immorality, Despicable Injustices

Morgan Heritage reggae band is not happy with the way Africa is treated by its own people in Africa and beyond. The group is concerned with the despicable injustices brought about by first Africans themselves and the western world.

In an interview with Kampala Sqoop’s Emuk Benjamen at their Homeland album launch and listening party in Uganda, Memmalatel ‘Mr. Mojo’ Morgan and Peter ‘Peetah’ Morgan (Morgan Heritage band) called upon Ugandans and all Africans living in Africa and in the diaspora to unite against wrongdoers and condemn sinful practices including Gender Based Violence among other evils that hinder development in Africa.

The 3time Grammy-winning Jamaican reggae music band revealed to Emuk that Africa is continent gifted with nature and incredibly good people but like it’s said, “not all that which glitters is gold,” it has been spoilt by greedy people who do nothing but wrong and evil to their fellow men and women.


Welcome back to Uganda Morgan Heritage, What do we owe this incredible visit?

Thank you Benjamin, we are happy to be here, yet again. Trust me Uganda is beautiful and is always sweet home for us, we can never get enough of it! And to get straight to your question, we are here to bring good news to our fans and music lovers with ‘The Homeland’ album launch and listener’s party.

‘The Homeland’ according to the group, is not one of the usual every day average albums but one with very strong messages among others highlighting injustices Africans are subjected to in their day to day lives.


Incredible! Should we say this is the best reggae album ever?

Ohhh! Hahaha, laughs Mojo. I would say yes and no. You see, first of all, I am sorry bro If you are looking for a reggae album, then ‘The homeland’ is not it because this is a mixture of different flavors that make up a real Afro-fusion blend and this is what matters right now, and not about whether its reggae or not . And also, before I forget and sticking to your question, yes, this is the best album to have happened to us and I believe will set us world record in tryna save Africa and its people from the wrongdoers.


That’s Awesome! Tell us more about The Homeland.

Kale Kale! Mojo grapples in Luganda, The Homeland album is combination sounds of Africa with the sounds of Jamaica including Afrobeat, dancehall and reggae hence an afro-fusion sound music blend, that seeks to outline Africa’s everyday problems whilst giving opportunity to the African brothers and sisters themselves to resolve them and stick to each other.


In this album, we preach unity, love, sharing and forgiveness among others as depicted in our very first song off the album. We start off the album with ‘Bambulele’ track in which we speak against GBV and amplify the quest for justice to check up wrongdoers.

Bambulele is simply a serious call to Africans at home and in the diaspora to come together and unite for the good of each of us. We believe with this, Africans will have go ahead in preserving and protecting our Mama Africa because we can’t allow her to suffer any longer at the hands of wrong people and evildoers.

And well, just so I forget, in Bambulele we feature incredible energy from the Brothers & Sisters Art Organization, a youth led choir based in Cape Town in South Africa.


GBV dates years back, why are you only passionately highlighting it now, what’s with the timing?

Good question. But look Benjamin, we are not saying GBV just started of recent but the truth is we have reached appoint we see it has gone beyond limit, we can’t keep quiet about it anymore and we believe a moment of silence is actually worsening it the more.


Do all these tracks have different inspirations and why the choice of Eddy Kenzo and Chameleon, should we assume you were only looking for the biggest names in the music industry?

Ohhh! I must be honest with you bro, we’re very good friends with Eddy Kenzo and Chameleon and we have been since meeting at different events all over the World and when we thought about Uganda, we eventually asked ourselves why not Chameleon and Kenzo?

These two brothers are very talented and as you can see in the album where we feature Eddy Kenzo in two of our songs including in track number four ‘U Got To (See The World)’ ft. S’Villa and track 21 ‘Long To Be Home.’ In the same spirit, we feature Chameleon in track 10 ‘Ready’ ft. Shatta Wale & RJ the DJ off the ‘Homeland’ album. And that explains why we decided to make a stopover in Uganda for the album launch and listening party and also, we are here to shoot music videos with Eddy Kenzo and Chameleone before we go off to Ghana release our album and later on shoot a music video with Shatta Wale.


Any last words for your fans and music lovers in Uganda

The Homeland star-studded album consists of 21-track collection featuring big names in the music industry across African continent and world over.  We invite you to grab a copy of the album and listen to the unique messages in the different tunes in it.

they expand their global reach right from the Caribbean to the African Continent and beyond with guest contributions from Uganda’s Jose Chameleon, Big Talent Boss Eddy Kenzo, Shaggy, Shatta Wale, Popcaan, Mádé Kuti, Youssou N’Dour and Beenie Man among others.


The group also revealed that they have been doing album launch tours with stops in Los Angeles, New York, England, Germany, France and now Uganda and will be heading to Ghana come Friday April 21, 2023.

Morgan Heritage have music tours and show appearances in New Orleans at the Jazz & Heritage Festival in May 4, 2023, Las Vegas at the Reggae in the Desert  in May 6, 2023, George Town, Cayman Islands at Lover’s Rock Cayman party and Jamaica for the Reggae Sumfest in July 16 – 22, 2023 among others.

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