The Elections Were Rigged! Defeated Ministers Vow To Run As Independents

A section of the recently defeated Ministers in the just concluded NRM Primary elections, have vowed to come back as independents come 2021 general elections.

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According to them, the elections were not conducted on free and fair basis but they were rigged to favor some individuals.

Sate Ministers Simon D’ujanga, Gabriel Aridru, Michael Werikhe Kafabusa, Mwesigwa Rukutana, Mary Karooro Okurut, Henry Oryem Okello and Isaac Isanga Musumba were on a long list of long serving members of President Museveni’s Cabinet who suffered defeat in the Friday polls.

Mr Werikhe, who is the MP for Bungokho South, was contesting the primaries for the newly created Bungokho Central County. The constituency was recently carved off Bungokho South.

Mr Werikhe posted 7,603 votes against Mr Richard Wanda’s 17,613 votes.
State Minister for Energy, Eng Simon D’ujanga was floored in Okoro County by Mr Gabriel Okumu, who got 53,547.
The minister came a distant third with a paltry 7,549 votes. The runner- up was Mr Martin Kermundu, who got 8,955 votes.

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In Vurra County, Mr Gabriel Aridru, the State Minister for Finance, General Duties, fell in a tight contest in which he came second with 7,003 votes, against Mr Yovan Adriko’s 7,858 votes.

Another former member of Mr Museveni’s Cabinet, Mr Simon Ejua, came third with 4,853 votes.

In Koboko Municipality, the State Minister of Finance for Investment and Privatization, Evelyn Anite was floored by Dr Charles Ayume, a son to former speaker Francis Ayume, who died in a car accident in 2004.

State Minister for Foreign Affairs, Mr Henry Oryem Okello, was confined in the second position in the face off for the Chua East County flag. He posted 9,036 votes against Mr Godfrey Luwo’s 14,906. The State Minister for Minerals, Ms Sarah Opendi, also suffered a heavy defeat in the contest for the Tororo Women’s flag. She posted 26,528 votes against Ms Jacinto Ayo’s 54,166.

Both the Minister of State for Karamoja Affairs, Mr Moses Kizige, and the State Minister for Lands, Housing and Urban Development, Mr Isaac Isanga Musumba, lost their races.

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Mr Kizige lost the flag for his Bugabula North Constituency, coming distant fourth with 3,005 votes. The race was won by Mr John Teira, who polled 17,808 votes, followed by Mr George Mulindwa, who collected 8,009 votes and Ms Flavia Omondi, who polled 4,317 votes.

Like Mr Kizige, Mr Isaac also came a distant third in Buzaaya County, with 5,121 votes.

Mr Martin Muzaale, who defeated him in the 2011 elections before he bounced back in 2016, returned to haunt him. Mr Muzaale bagged 36,853 votes. He was followed by Mr Paul Kintu, who got 7812 votes.

Others who lost include Dr Elioda Tumwesigye.

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