The “Get the F out” campaign

If a major franchise has a name of only three letters, there is a big chance that it can enter in conflict with another entity. This is exactly what happened in 1994 with the former World Wrestling Federation. Currently online betting in Ghana is possible on 1xBet, and it features lots of events from the WWE.

The World Wildlife Fund is an entity whose job is to protect nature and to reduce humanity’s impact on it. Obviously, it has absolutely nothing to do with wrestling. It is already possible to see that there was a conflict between the environmental and the wrestling organizations. Both of them used the acronym WWF. Right now, online betting is possible on the 1xBet Ghana website, in which punters can choose among multiple events and outcomes.

A failed agreement

Both WWF entities coexisted peacefully for many years. Titan Sports was the owner of the wrestling entity between the 1980s and 2000s. In 1994 they signed an agreement with their environmental counterpart. According to the document, Titan sport would minimize as much as possible the WWF name. Instead, they would prioritize the World Wrestling Federation denomination. Modern events of this kind can be wagered on the website. In exchange, the environmental organization agreed to drop any kind of litigation.

However, this deal lasted only for six years. In 2000, the environmental entity decided to sue the wrestling federation. The former alleged that the latter had not respected the conditions stated in the 1994 agreement. A court ruled in favor of the environmental organization. The WWF would need to change its name. The events of the modern WWE can always be wagered by visiting the 1xBet betting platform.

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Some important details

The WWF changed its name to WWE. This acronym means World Wrestling Entertainment. The entity launched an aggressive campaign in order to rebrand itself. It was known as the “Get The F Out”. This is in reference to the colloquial expression when an individual sends another person very, very far away, usually in angry situations. The WWE has plenty of battles, and offers wagers on many events celebrated around them.

However, things were not as easy as simply changing a letter F for a letter E. There were some notable considerations that the WWE needed to follow, such as:

  • any mention to the WWF name was forbidden for the first few years;
  • it was still possible to use the original WWF logo, as it wasn’t part of the 1994 deal;
  • and also, it was still possible to speak about the “New WWF Generation”.

This name change is probably one of the most important occurrences in the history of the WWE. Its fans can wager on its events in the 1xBet site.


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