These are the thugs who have been ‘disturbing’ Mukono – Police

Police have arrested notorious suspects who have been behind attacks and robberies in Mukono.

Police spokesperson, Fred Enanga confirmed that the Joint Security task teams from KMP, Flying Squad, Mukono Police and UPDF, have so far arrested ten notorious suspects.

who form part of the criminal network that has been behind a series of robberies in Mukono district.”

The suspects arrested include; Nduga Reagan, Kalyango John, Mugalu William, Mbogo Sam, Kirumira Nathan, Ssenkubuwa Isma, Kizito Eria, Kinagodawa Asuman, Katende Umar and Golola.

Also recovered in the operations, is an assortment of exhibits which include; two motor vehicles under registration number UAD728Y and UAZ283Y; five (05) motor cycles under registration numbers, UDX490K, UDE876T, UEQ533Z, UFP443P, UEJ033R; one PSO gun, nine pangas, housebreaking implements and several suspected stolen properties.

Enanga said that upon interrogation, the suspects admitted to have participated in 13 robberies;

“On the 9.12.2021, while armed with pangas, they attacked Gitta Immaculate Nanyombi, a 50-year-old businesswoman, at Kasangalabi cell, Mukono Municipality and robbed her of 10 mobile phones, 2 flat TV screens, 3 Lenovo laptops and 3 game tablets.”

“On the 11.06.2022, at around midnight, they attacked Ssenkungu Kezekiya a 35-year-old businessman with others and robbed property worth 6.1m shillings.”

“On the 17.06.2022, at 5am, they attacked Kabonzi Richard, a 50-year-old businessman of Namubiru village in Mukono district and robbed his motor vehicle, a Toyota Noah, registration number UAQ573X, music system, phones and other items all valued at 18 million shillings.”

“The gang again robbed Nanyombi Gift on the 0.06.2022 at 2:30am at Kasangalabi, of two mobile phones, smart watch and other items all valued at Ugx 8.5m.”

“On the 18.06.2022, they robbed Asiimwe Annet a 44 year old farmer of Katikamu-Kusatu village.”

“On the 24.06.2022, they attacked Sekandi Irene a 23 year old cashier at Spice Supermarket and robbed an unspecified amount from the supermarket.”

“Other persons robbed by the criminal gang are Kinalwa Ian of Kiyoola village on the 25.06.2021; Nabakooza Ritah, of Kirowooza village on the 1.06.2022, Arinaye Allen of Upper Nabuti village in Mukono.”

“On the 4.05.2022 and Amoding Winnie, 20-year-old, female adult of Spring Homes, Hostel at Bugujju village, among others.”

Police further cautioned retail owners that such agents of organized crimes are targeting their businesses, and that they should therefore, prioritize security at their premises.

Enanga said, “It is important for them to commit more resources into hiring more security guards, target hardening, use of bright lights, conspicuously placed security cameras that can sent alerts to a manager’s phone or the nearest police unit.”

The Police spokesperson also applauded the Joint Security Task Teams from Flying Squad, KMP, Mukono and UPDF for having cracked down the criminal gang that was terrorizing residents in Mukono.

From the time of arrests, according to Enanga, Police have not registered any new incidents of aggravated robbery. He said the operations are still on, targeting remnants of the criminal network.

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