Toy gun wielding men in NRM yellow t-shirts arrested

Security in Iganga has arrested men who were seen holding guns while putting on NRM yellow t-shirts as they moved in a political procession that was held by one of the NRM candidates.

Surprisingly the alleged guns that they were holding have been found to be fake, they are just toys curved out of wood by a certain carpenter who has also been arrested along with the men who were holding them.

The toy guns

Social media has been awash with photos of men holding guns while putting NRM yellow t-shirts. The act was highly condemned by the public with opposition politicians using the photos to portray NRM as a violent party with militias while others alleged that security forces are partisan, putting on NRM colours in broad day light.

This prompted the security forces to hunt for these men and several suspects have been arrested with several wooden toy guns recovered.

The motive of the toy gun wielding men is yet to be established however locals said some of the men are known opposition supporters who could have been planted in the rally to taint the party and candidate’s image.

Iganga is a Known strong hold for the National Resistance Movement and there is nothing that would cause an NRM candidate to have his own gang of armed guards given the available security in the place.

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