Uganda disqualifies 40 migrant workers from the plane over fake #COVID-19 vaccination cards.

The migrant workers all under premier recruitment Ltd had already boarded the Qatar Airways plane, instead they were asked to get out the plane. The flight was to take place at 11am.

The security officer named as Prima Kalungi approached the airline crew and said the workers must come down from the plane because they had presented improper Covid-19 vaccination cards, therefore couldn’t be allowed to leave the country.

Yet Saudi Arabia needs passengers arriving to present a negative Covid-19 test certificate and must be fully vaccinated against the virus.

The migrant workers have now been returned to the company’s head offices.

The ministry of health has exempted all workers whom have flights to be re-tested. This development came after Uganda Association of External Recruitment Agencies pleaded with the health ministry that many would miss their flights if they have to take Covid-19 tests 24 hrs at the airport as had been ordered by the ministry.

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