Video: How Kitende Students enjoyed the ride in a ‘4-wheel drive’

Social media went crazy after 3 different video clips of a girl who is allegedly a student from Kitende being chewed by 3 different guys in a 4Sum but in all, she was as silent as Sanyu Robinah Mweruka. We have all the clips here for you.

The tapes currently making rounds are believed to have been leaked by male teenagers for reasons known by no one else but they have left netizens more than excited.

Ugandans have been thirsty for a while ever since the lockdown came in with no new tapes leaking upto this one even though it has been reported that these clips are also not so fresh as they seem.

According to reports, the alleged tape was leaked in 2019 but it has been branded a new name “Kitende video” when being leaked again this year.




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